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Advanced Micro Devices is working on two new FX-series microprocessors for “mainstream” desktop systems. The new chips will be clocked slightly higher compared to available modules and will barely change the situation on the market of desktops with increased performance.

The new FX-series microprocessors from AMD, which are due to be formally introduced on September 1, 2014, are the FX-8370 and the FX-8370E. Both chips feature eight cores, 4.10GHz/4.30GHz clock-rates, 8MB L2 cache, 8MB L3 cache and dual-channel DDR3 memory controllers. The FX-8370 will have thermal design power of 125W, whereas the FX-8370E will feature TDP of 95W. Both microprocessors will be priced at $189 in mass quantities.

In addition, AMD will also slash prices on existing FX-8300-series chips and introduce the model FX-8320E with 95W TDP.

Given the fact that the new AMD FX-8300-series microprocessors will not boost their performance significantly, it is unlikely that they will be significantly more competitive against Intel Corp.’s Core i3 and Core i5 than existing models.

According to unofficial information, AMD is trying to boost competitive positions of its central processing units and accelerated processing units in order to make them more competitive versus Intel’s fresh chips based on the code-named Haswell Refresh as well as Devil’s Canyon designs. In order to do that, AMD plans to slash prices, introduce some new chip models and even roll-out a new chipset for inexpensive PCs with USB 3.0 support.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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intel doesn't know the meaning of slashing chip prices
0 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 08/20/14 05:52:29 PM]
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Well IDK the pricing on the i3 4130 is down to like $125USD lately. But a FX 6300 for like $90 given the news of price cuts still is relevant in new budget builds and a good price for those with 870 mobo's and earlier Phenom X4-X3's to get good longevity.
0 0 [Posted by: Casecutter  | Date: 08/20/14 06:31:34 PM]

It's nice seeing a little boost and even nicer to see AMD offering lower power versions. It's not enough to make the lack of a new FX generation more palatable but it's still better than nothing.
0 0 [Posted by: ET3D  | Date: 08/21/14 04:43:04 AM]

AMD is just just giving a little kiss-of-life to good old ageing vishera, closing its eyes against the inevitable bollocking haswell-e hexcore at $370? will present to it [now of course the 8350 is still fully competitive with all mainstream intel chips] and pacing time will 2016 when the onslaught against intel actually restarts.
0 0 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 08/21/14 12:29:27 PM]
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hahahaha ... oh your serious ... hahahahaha
2 0 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 08/21/14 04:58:10 PM]
Nah, He can't be being serious.
0 0 [Posted by: nasha thedog  | Date: 08/29/14 04:38:11 PM]

As a heart attack mr uhmm, zorz? If you bother to look at amd's track record over the years; when they make a mistake, they learn from it and don't repeat. You do know Jim Keller's back don't you?
0 0 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 08/22/14 01:02:06 PM]
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Repeat? No they prolong it for almost 6 years.
0 0 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 08/25/14 07:45:01 PM]

its nice to see amd release the fx 8370 & 8370E. the majority of people with a amd fx cpu are not gamers. for me i will definitely purchase the fx 8370E. for streaming video and HD video editing. very useful. as i understand it 2016- early 2017 there will be a brand new CPU from the ground up by amd .. i will be very interested in that one too. im not interested in the schoolboy squabble between fans of intel and also amd. i want like many a good cpu for my needs at a good price point. so far amd CPU offer great value for money and performance in the real world.
0 0 [Posted by: Pete Dodds  | Date: 08/28/14 01:08:14 PM]
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The FX chips do a pretty decent job when you factor in how cheap they are but there well behind not only the performance curve but also there platform features, There long overdue a replacement. The last competitive chip they did was the Phenom II. It's one of my top two favourites out of what I've owned.
0 0 [Posted by: nasha thedog  | Date: 08/29/14 04:44:41 PM]


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