Intel to Use Different Branding for Pentium 4, Celeron, Pentium M Chips with Security Caps

Intel to Distinguish Between Different Chips

by Anton Shilov
07/12/2004 | 05:43 PM

Intel Corporation is reported to add “J” letter to the model number of its microprocessors that support XD technology. The chips that feature security enhancements to be unveiled later this year are said to be available at different speed-bins, for different platforms and at different price-points.


All Intel Pentium 4, Pentium M and Celeron D processors that sport the so-called XD technology will contain “J” latter in the product model number, e.g., Pentium 4 560J, AnandTech web-site reports. The XD technology aka Execute Disable Bit is a certain flag that determines whether instructions can be executed from the page. The feature may add some more security to current PCs.

The web-site believes that eventually Celeron D microprocessors in LGA775 packaging will also get the support for the XD technology. More surprisingly, the Pentium M are also said to feature the security enhancement.

Besides security capability, Intel will add more cache and boost processor system bus of its processors: the Pentium 4 will get 2MB of L2 and 1066MHz QPB, the Celeron M will get 1MB level-two cache, the Pentium M will face its QPB boosted to 533MHz.

Additionally, the Pentium 4 and possibly Celeron D processors will gain AAC technology that adjusts performance depending on load in order to maintain low heat dissipation and quiet operation of personal computers.

Advanced Micro Devices has been offering technologies similar to Intel’s XD and AAC – NX-bit and Cool’n’Quiet – since the introduction of AMD Athlon 64 microprocessors in September, 2003.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.