AMD Quietly Debuts New AMD Sempron Chip

AMD Solidifies Entry-Level Lineup

by Anton Shilov
08/02/2005 | 10:33 PM

Without making any official statements, Advanced Micro Devices has updated its lineup of entry-level processors with new AMD Sempron 3400+ chip, which is expected to offer performance superior compared to Intel’s recently introduced Celeron D 351 chip, but which also comes at higher price-point.


AMD Sempron processor model 3400+ operates at 2.00GHz, is equipped with 256KB L2 cache and features built-in single-channel PC3200 DDR memory controller. The chip has 64-bit capability enabled and is designed for Socket 754 infrastructure. Thermal Design Power (TDP) the latest value processor from AMD is 62W, which is similar to predecessors.

The new processor is made using 90nm SOI process technology and is based on the latest E6 revision of the core, which guarantees more efficient memory controller compared to some predecessors as well as SSE3 technology support. Additionally, later steppings of microprocessors tend to have better overclocking potential, which is important for enthusiasts, who often overclock their microprocessors in order to get higher performance.

AMD Sempron processor 3400+ cost $134 in 1000-unit quantities, according to AMD’s official price-list. Given that AMD has not released any statements in regards availability of the new chip to general public, it is unclear when retail and online stores would be able to sell the newcomer from AMD. At press time the chip was not listed by a single online store in the U.S., according to and search-machines.

Earlier this year AMD quietly initiated shipments of AMD Sempron processors in PGA754 form-factor with 2600+, 2800+ and 3000 model numbers.