Intel to Ship 60 Million Dual-Core Processors in 2006

Intel Ramps Up Dual-Core CPU Production

by Anton Shilov
02/13/2006 | 07:44 AM

At the demonstration of the world’s first x86 quad-core microprocessor Intel’s chief executive officer unveiled ambitious plans to ship as much as 60 million of dual-core processors this year, which is expected to significantly popularize the multi-core technology in general and expand the reach of dual-core chips for consumers in particular. 


“Intel expects to sell 60 million dual-core chips this year, accounting for about a quarter of total processor sales” chief technology officer Justin Rattner is reported to have said.

Last year Intel promised to supply millions of dual-core processors. The company had only desktop dual-core chips in its lineup in 2005 and only late in the year introduced server-oriented dual-core processors for dual-processor and multi-processor platforms.

This year Intel will ship dual-core central processing units (CPUs) for desktop, server and mobile computers, which will give those chips a much broader market than before. Moreover, this year Intel Corp. is set to introduce a new micro-architecture along with processors code-named Conroe, Merom and Woodcrest that will boast with higher performance amid moderate power consumption, something that may boost the demand towards the chips.

Back in 2005, Intel used 90nm process technology to produce its dual-core chips, which did not allow the company to maintain aggressive pricing on them. In 2006 Intel ramps up its 65nm manufacturing process, which allows manufacturing microprocessors more cost-efficiently. As a result, the output of dual-core processors rises and dual-core CPUs become more affordable to customers.

“Clearly the momentum around multi-core is building,” Mr. Rattner added, Reuters reports.