Intel Pushing Core Microarchitecture into the Market Aggressively

Conroe Market Share to Reach 40% by Q1 2007

by Aleksey Razin
04/18/2006 | 04:02 PM

Despite the fact that Intel voiced out their intention to take their time with the transition to multi-core microarchitectures, this seems to be not the case with the promising dual-core processors with Core microarchitecture. According to DailyTech, Intel will be very aggressive when it comes to introduction of processors aka Conroe into the desktop market.


Conroe processors should make about 40% of the Intel desktop CPUs in Q1 2007 already. In fact, the overall share of dual-core processors will make about 85%. So with Conroe taking up 40%, the remaining 45% will be covered by the 0.065micron Pentium D Presler CPUs that will become much cheaper by that time. And only 15% will be taken by single-core Pentium 4 processors, which will most likely migrate completely to the finer 0.065micron production process. Pentium 4 and Pentium D will take over the least expensive market segment, judging by the positioning scheme I have just described.

These aggressive expansion of the new processor microarchitecture can be considered Intel’s record. This impressive tempo is probably caused by another long-term crisis of the NetBurst architecture and Intel’s vital intention to catch up in acquiring more market share and competing with AMD. Conroe will be available in most price segments so each user will be able to find a CPU that meets his/her budget and needs.