AMD Says Customers Demand Low-End Power-Efficient AMD Phenom Chips

AMD Claims Its Customers Demand Lower-End Quad-Core and Triple Core Chips

by Anton Shilov
01/12/2008 | 03:52 PM

As those who wanted to have high-speed AMD Phenom processors ask why the chipmaker decided to delay their desired microprocessors, the maker of central processing units just claims that hardly anyone expects high-performance chips by AMD now.


Advanced Micro Devices said on Friday that customers demanded the company to release lower-end lower-power AMD Phenom microprocessors instead of higher performance AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 central processing units. The world’s largest x86 chip manufacturer did not unveil whether its customers did not want to get higher-speed Phenom chips, or the company had to delay the release of its higher-speed chips, or it could not get the new steppings of chips in time.

“We are shipping hundreds of thousands of AMD Phenoms, we added EE Phenoms to Q1, we are still shipping triple-core in Q1, and our highest volume Phenom parts are in market right now. This change is viewed favorably by the OEMs who really wanted those EE and triple core parts,” said Chris Hook, a spokesperson for AMD.

Earlier AMD confirmed that it would postpone the release of its chips based on new-generation micro-architecture and implemented in B3 stepping to Q2 2007. Earlier it was reported based on unofficial information that AMD will be able to offer quad-core Phenom 9100e chip (1.80GHz) as well as triple-core Phenom 8600 and 8400 – which are all based on the B2 stepping with TLB errata –commercially in March, 2008.

AMD could not identify its customers demanding lower-end versions of AMD Phenom during a brief interview and also did not reveal whether it had issues with B3 stepping wafer starts in Q1 2007.