AMD Launches New Dual-Core Microprocessors with Latest Micro-Architecture

AMD Releases AMD Athlon X2 7000-Series Chips Earlier Than Expected

by Anton Shilov
12/16/2008 | 04:41 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has unveiled its first AMD Athlon X2 7000-series microprocessors based on the highly-discussed code-named Kuma core. The new chips do not bring performance heights back to AMD even on the dual-core market, but what they do is solidify the company’s positions on the entry-level market segment and enable system makers to build higher-performance affordable PCs.


Originally rumoured to make ther debut in Q1 2009, AMD’s new Athlon X2 7550 and Athlon 7750 Black Edition microprocessors are expected to become available slight ahead of the original timeframe. The chips operate at 2.50GHz (7550) and 2.70GHz (7750 BE), feature 1MB of L2 cache [512KB per core], 2MB L3 cache as well as dual-channel DDR2 memory controller. The new products have thermal design power of 95W, hence, should be compatible with the vast majority of AM2+ mainboards.

The AMD Athlon X2 7550 processor is a tray only part for original equipment manufacturers, whereas the Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition processor is available at the system builder price of $79 and will also be available for end-users seeking for very affordable central processing units for overclockers.

“Given the current economic environment, consumers are seeking the best computing value without sacrificing the performance required to maintain their digital lifestyle. This is an optimal time for system builders and PC OEMs to offer dual-core powered desktop systems that are affordable, energy efficient and help consumers get the most computing performance for their money,” a statement by AMD reads.

The new AMD Athlon X2 chips are not the first dual-core microprocessors powered by the Kuma core. Back in September AMD quietly released its Athlon X2 6500+, which operated at 2.30GHz and was Kuma-based. It is unclear why AMD decided to introduce a new model number sequence for its new dual-core central processing units despite of the fact that the novelties hardly provide tangible performance benefits compared to predecessors and feature-wise are the same as model 6500+.

Based on test results from X-bit labs, AMD Athlon X2 7750 from the Kuma generation turned out 3% - 5% faster than the top previous-gen Athlon X2 6000 based on Brisbane core. Besides, Athlon X2 7750 CPU remains a worthy rival to Intel Pentium DC E5300.