Intel Starts Pilot Production of Mainstream Chips with Unlocked Multiplier

Intel Quietly Begins Selling Pentium E6500K Processors with Unlocked Multiplier

by Anton Shilov
08/07/2009 | 12:11 PM

Intel Corp. has quietly started to sell dual-core Intel Pentium central processing units (CPUs) with unlocked multiplier. The chips are aimed at enthusiasts who want to overclock their microprocessors without many problems. Intel said that at present the Pentium E6500K processor is only aimed at the Chinese market, but later on similar chips may find themselves in other countries as well.


The dual-core Intel Pentium E6500K processor operates at 2.93GHz, features 2MB of L2 cache and utilizes 1066MHz processor system bus. The chip is made using 45nm process technology, thus, can operate at very high clock-speeds; however, traditional overclocking would require high-end mainboards supporting PSBs with higher than 1066MHz frequencies. With unlocked multiplier, end-users may increase only the clock-speed of the CPU and do not have to stress other components of the system, e.g., mainboard or core-logic set.

Currently Intel Pentium E6500K is available in Guangzhou, China, reports Expreview web-site. The chip is sold in bundle with Biostar TP45E mainboard for approximately $190. The Pentium E6500 should be launched officially on the 9th of August at the price of $84 in business quantities. The “K” version of the processor with unlocked multiplier should cost a little more.

Unfortunately for overclockers in Europe or the U.S., Intel’s non-Extreme edition processors with unlocked multiplier is a pilot project in China right now. If Intel finds such chips viable for other markets, it may release such processors on other markets.

“This is a PRC-only pilot for now.  At the end of the pilot, Intel will determine what, if any other similar product should be offered in other geographies,” said Daniel Snyder, a spokesperson for Intel.

Advanced Micro Devices, the arch-rival of Intel and the second largest designer of x86 microprocessors, has been selling mainstream microprocessors with unlocked multiplier quite successfully for about a year now. Many enthusiasts and overclockers enjoy using AMD Athlon and Phenom “Black Edition” microprocessors since they are rather affordable and enable rather comfortable tweaking.