World’s Overclocking Record Beaten: 8.20GHz Clock-Speed Reached

Intel Celeron D 347 Overclocked to 8200MHz

by Anton Shilov
01/25/2010 | 01:29 PM

Even though performance of contemporary personal computers does not heavily depend on clock-speeds of central processing units, it is still interesting to know the maximum clock-speed that can be achieved by modern microprocessors. Recently a new frequency record was set, when overclockers from pushed Intel Celeron D 347 to nearly 8.20GHz.


Intel Celeron D 347 processor, which is based on the renowned NetBurst micro-architecture, is made using 65nm process technology and officially works at 3.06GHz. However, with the help of modified DFI LanParty UT P35 (Intel P35, revision A2), OCZ Technology memory and a lot of liquid nitrogen overclocker TiN from reached 8199.5MHz clock-speed on the central processing unit.

To date, 8199.5MHz is the highest clock-speed ever reached by overclockers that has been validated by CPU-Z database.

Unfortunately, the overclockers did not run a set of benchmarks to find out actual performance of the extremely overclocked Celeron D 347. As a result, it is not known whether the chip at 8.20GHz can actually outperform modern Intel Core i7 microprocessors at around 3.00GHz.