ARM Microprocessors Set to Support Multithreading

ARM Makes a Step Closer to Server

by Anton Shilov
10/03/2010 | 04:51 PM

ARM, the company behind the absolute majority of mobile phones, will enable multi-threading  capability on its chips. This will boost performance of it microprocessors and  will boost ARM architecture in general.


"The company is looking to include multithreading capabilities depending on application requirements in different segments," said Kumaran Siva, segment marketing manager at ARM, at the Linley Tech Processor conference, reports  IDG News Agency.

At present microprocessors based on ARM architecture can power low power devices. Unfortunately, ARM-based chips do not have a number of advantages of x86 microprocessors, including 64-bit tech that cannot use over 4GB if DRAM. Adding multithreading to ARM CPUs will increase its position against rivals.

At the same time, ARM needs to increase its presence on the market of desktops and laptops so to ensure the company's global position.