AMD to Showcase Bulldozer Microprocessors at CeBIT Trade-Show

AMD to Demonstrate New Chip for Desktops This Week

by Anton Shilov
02/27/2011 | 10:43 PM

At the forthcoming CeBIT trade-show in Hannover, Germany, Advanced Micro Devices plans to demonstrate and announce its new microprocessors that will succeed the company's Phenom II central processing units (CPUs). Based on the program of CeBIT show, the company will show off the desktop versions of code-named Bulldozer chips.


"The U.S.-based CPU and chip maker AMD will present at CeBIT 2011 processors, which performance exceeds the current top models of the Phenom-II series by 50%," the of official description of a CeBIT "theme and event" reads.

In case AMD formally introduces its desktop processors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture code-named Zambezi at CeBIT, it will not be a big surprise as the company already used the show for formal introduction of important products and technologies in the previous years. The big question, however, is whether the company will initiate a review program for the new chips shortly after the show, will unveil official performance levels of the chip or will let select journalists to "independently" benchmark the new CPUs on site, a more than controversial move.

The first Zambezi microprocessors to be launched are expected to be eight-core products with 95W and 125W thermal design power as well as 8MB L3 cache. Later in the second quarter of 2011 AMD, according to sources with knowledge of the company's roadmap, will release six-core chips with 8MB L3 cache and four-core products with 4MB cache. All of the processors will feature TurboCore 2.0 technology, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller with up to 1866MHz memory support and will be compatible with AM3+ mainboards.

Eight-core Zambezi/Orochi features four dual-core Bulldozer modules, each of which is believed to have 2MB of shared level-two cache, that will share 8MB L3 cache. In total, the whole chip will pack in whopping 16MB of cache.

AMD Orochi design is the company's next-generation processor for high-end desktop (Zambezi) and server (Valencia) markets. The chip will feature eight processing engines, but since it is based on Bulldozer micro-architecture, those cores will be packed into four modules. Every module which will have two independent integer cores (that will share fetch, decode and L2 functionality) with dedicated schedulers, one "Flex FP" floating point unit with two 128-bit FMAC pipes with one FP scheduler. The chip will have shared L3 cache, new dual-channel DDR3 memory controller and will use HyperTransport 3.1 bus. The Zambezi chips will use new AM3+ form-factor and will require brand new platforms.

The code-named Zambezi processors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture with four, six or eight cores will belong to FX-series and will be sold under AMD Vision Black and AMD Vision Ultimate labels.