AMD Enables Implementation of GPU Physics into Games Using Maya

AMD Demos Software Plug-In That Allows Game Developers to Use Open-Source GPU Physics Engine

by Anton Shilov
03/02/2011 | 09:57 PM

At the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Advanced Micro Devices demonstrated a Bullet Physics plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2011 software. The new plug-in is based on OpenCL industry standards and the open-source Bullet Physics engine.


AMD’s Bullet Physics plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2011 is designed to enable game developers and 3D artists to access Maya’s creative workflow capabilities to create interactive cloth simulations on a greater range of workstations and PCs, including those based on ATI FirePro professional graphics cards and AMD CPUs, and to remove technology limitations that can restrict developers’ ability to create games and computer-generated (CG) graphics. It is unclear when the plug-in becomes final and when game developers start to use it.

“AMD is committed to collaborating with partners like Autodesk on industry standards and open-source software solutions that open up a world of vivid visual experiences. This new plug-in will give CG content developers an open development path with OpenCL and a powerful solution for incorporating high-quality physics that offer realistic animation of how rendered objects move in a game or film," said Janet Matsuda, general manager of AMD Professional Graphics.

AMD is publicly demonstrating the new Bullet Physics plug-in technology in the AMD booth at GDC 2011. AMD’s GDC demo will run on systems powered by the ATI FirePro V8880 professional graphics card powered by Cypress graphics chip and designed for workstation users.

OpenCL and the Bullet Physics Engine are key enablers of just such interaction. They help get the technology out of the way of creativity, and ultimately enable the end-user to enjoy a more realistic experience," explains Chris Vienneau, Maya Product Manager, Autodesk.

In 2009, AMD and Pixelux Entertainment launched an initiative to apply OpenCL to Bullet Physics, a physics simulation designed to bring new levels of realism to gaming, simulations and popular applications across game consoles, PCs and other hardware platforms.