AMD to Refresh E-Series APUs Lineup in the Third Quarter

AMD to Boost Zacate with Turbo Core, Higher Clock-Speeds

by Anton Shilov
03/08/2011 | 05:26 AM

Advanced Micro Devices plans to refresh the lineup of its E-series inexpensive accelerated processing units (APUs) for desktops in the third quarter of this calendar year. Performance boost will hardly be tangible and will include a slight increase in clock-speed and addition of AMD Turbo Core dynamic acceleration technology.


In Q3 2011 the company will launch E-450 and E-300 code-named Zacate accelerated processing units with two Bobcat cores, 80 stream processors, video decoding engine, 18W thermal design power (TDP) and so on, X-bit labs has learnt. The dual-core E-300 APU will substitute single-core E-240 chip, whereas the dual-core E450 will complement the existing E-350 with higher performance amid similar power consumption and FT1 form-factor.

The clock-speeds of the second breed of E-series desktop APUs will remain low - in the range between 1.30GHz and 1.65GHz - but thanks to Turbo Core dynamic acceleration technology the new chips promise to offer noticeable speed improvement compared to the first models of Zacate APUs. It remains to be seen whether AMD will also refresh the Ontario APUs for netbooks as well.

In order to address the market of low-end desktops with more or less decent performance, AMD intends to release AMD E2-3250 APU that will be based on a low-end Llano design with two Husky CPU cores, cut-down Winterpark graphics engine with 160 stream processors, and will thus offer tangibly better performance compared to Zacate, but will have 65W TDP and FM1 packaging.

AMD E-Series Accelerated Processing Units Due in 2011
Model E2-3250 E-450 E-350 E-300 E240
Cores Husky Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat Bobcat
Core Count 2 2 2 2 1
Stream Core Count 160 80 80 80 80
Clock-Speed TBD 1.65GHz 1.60GHz 1.30GHz 1.50GHz
GPU Clock-Speed 443MHz 508/600MHz 492MHz 488MHz 500MHz
Radeon Brand HD 6370 HD 6320 HD 6310 HD 6310 HD 6310
Cache 1MB 1MB 1MB 1MB 512KB
Memory DDR3, 1600MHz DDR3, 1333MHz DDR3, 1066MHz DDR3, 1066MHz DDR3, 1066MHz
Process Technology 32nm 40nm 40nm 40nm 40nm
TDP 65W 18W 18W 18W 18W
Turbo Core TBD + - + -
Packaging FM1 FT1 FT1 FT1 FT1

 AMD did not comment on the news-story.