AMD Sells Three Million Fusion Chips in Q1

AMD Fusion Triples Its Success

by Anton Shilov
04/24/2011 | 04:55 PM

Advanced Micro Devices managed to ship three million Fusion accelerated processing units (APUs) in Q1 2011, the firm said. The number represented about 50% of all processors for mobile systems shipped by the company, AMD said.


"We tripled [Fusion] unit shipments over the prior quarter. [Which represented] 50% [...] the share [of mobile chips] we had in the first quarter," said Thomas Seifert, chief financial officer and interim chief exec of AMD, in a conversation with financial analysts.

In the fourth quarter of 2010 the company sold around one million of Fusion APUs, multiplied by three, it means that in Q1 2011 the firm supplied three million of its APU chips. The company confirmed that this represented 50% of its mobile microprocessor volume. Shipping six million mobile CPUs/APUs hardly means a success on the market of notebooks.

Still, AMD, which controls over a half of standalone mobile GPU market, considers three million of low-cost Ontario/Brazos/Zacate chips a success.

"[Fusion] was [a] fantastic success in Q1, and our OEMs are now really onboard with bringing even a better, more-compelling, higher-performance solution with Llano," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD's products group.

Nothing was said about the future plans, including those regarding tablets.