LG Licenses Latest ARM Cortex-A15 Processor, Mali-T604 Graphics Technologies

LG to Develop Chips Powered by ARM's Latest Technologies

by Anton Shilov
04/26/2011 | 01:27 PM

ARM, a leading designer of microprocessor and graphics technologies, and LG Electronics, a major consumer electronics companies, on Monday said that they had signed agreements under which LG will be able to develop microprocessors, graphics processors and system-on-chip solutions based on ARM Cortex-A15 and Mali-T604 technologies.


"With access to the latest ARM IP, LG will be well positioned to maintain its technology leadership and drive innovation in display technology and smart connected devices," said Ian Drew, executive vice president of marketing at ARM.

LG, who first licensed ARM technology in 1995, has incorporated ARM processors across its product lines, from handsets to Digital TVs. The new comprehensive license will enable LG to develop chips to be used to drive the company’s platform strategy in applications that include digital TV, set top boxes (STB), mobile phones, tablets and smart grids. The Cortex-A15 is a microprocessor technology that ARM positions for servers as well, therefore, nothing stops the company from addressing other markets with its forthcoming products.

"The scalability of ARM processing solutions combined with the software ecosystem will enable smart, open platform systems, and drive connectivity and web enabled interactions. This new licensing agreement will provide LG with the next generation processor technology that will allow us to maintain leadership in display enabled connected devices, such as smart digital TV’s and smart phones, and drive our platform strategy," said Boik Sohn, vice president and head of system IC center at LG Electronics.