Enthusiast Overclocks Engineering Sample of AMD FX "Zambezi" to 4.6GHz

Overclocker Pushes AMD FX "Zambezi" to the Maximum

by Anton Shilov
06/27/2011 | 06:47 PM

An overclocker from the Czech Republic has managed to obtain an engineering sample of AMD FX-8130P microprocessor code-named Zambezi that is powered by Bulldozer micro-architecture and overclock it to 4.6GHz.


According to overclockers blog OBR, an engineering sample of eight-core AMD FX-8130P processor could function at 4635.6MHz clock-speed while being cooled down using an air cooling solution. At such high speed, the processor could run SuperPi application and calculate π digit with 1M precision in over ten seconds. The processor worked with 1.5V core voltage.

Exact specifications of the AMD FX-8130P central processing unit (CPU) are unknown, no stepping or revision are known either.  What is know is that it will operate at over 3.0GHz with all eight cores active. Besides, it is interesting to note that the CPU-Z application indicated 186W thermal design power for the chip.

AMD itself delayed release of its highly-anticipated Bulldozer-based FX-series microprocessors for desktops from June to September. Unofficial sources claimed that the company's current chips did not demonstrate competitive performance at their clock-speeds and that AMD needed new revisions to get the required frequencies and performance levels. Apparently, there are Zambezi chips with high overclocking potential that can run all eight cores are 4.60GHz.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.