Server Maker Leaks Clock-Speeds of AMD Opteron "Bulldozer" Chips

AMD's Forthcoming Interlagos and Valencia Chips to Operate in 2.1GHz - 3.0GHz Frequency Range

by Anton Shilov
07/25/2011 | 05:29 PM

Gateway, a maker of servers, has accidentally revealed clock-speeds of Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming AMD Opteron chips for servers code-named Interlagos and Valencia, which are based on Bulldozer micro-architecture. As projected initially, clock-speeds of the new microprocessors are not high.


Based on the configurations of Gateway's future servers (which were noticed by Bright Side of News web-site), AMD's initial lineup of Opteron 6200-series microprocessors will consist of four models: two with sixteen cores, one with twelve cores and one with eight cores. The chips with twelve and sixteen cores are multi-chip modules with two 6- or 8-core dies, whereas the one with eight cores is likely to be powered by a single eight-core die code-named Valencia.

Clock-speeds of the chips are not really high because AMD needed to limit thermal design power to maintain compatibility with current-generation G34 socket servers. The four models that AMD seems to plan to release initially will be the following SKUs:

At present AMD's fastest twelve-core Opteron 6180 SE server chip works at 2.50GHz, so it remains to be seen how significantly faster will the new sixteen-core Opteron 6276 chip with 2.30GHz/2.80GHz clock-speeds be against its predecessor.

AMD recently promised to initiate commercial shipments of its server microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture in August, which means that actual servers running the new chips will be out in September.

AMD pins a lot of hopes onto its Bulldozer micro-architecture in general and Interlagos and Valencia products in particular. Firstly, Bulldozer is the first major micro-architectural update for AMD in almost eight years. Secondly, it will also be AMD's first chip architected for the current workloads. Thirdly, it has to be the chip that will be as successful as AMD's first breeds of Opteron microprocessors.

"We expect to begin shipping our first server platform featuring the Bulldozer this quarter. The Interlagos platform is our first server offering optimized for today's cloud datacenters. The [Bulldozer] [micro]-architecture excels at compute-intensive and HPC workloads, where it will deliver up to 35% performance improvements compared to our current offerings. Customer excitement for Interlagos is high: all of our major customers are expected to introduce servers based on the new platform this year. We are committed to the server market and are focused on returning the business to a growth trajectory," said Thomas Seifert, interim chief executive officer of AMD, during a recent conference call.

AMD did not officially confirm specifications of its upcoming chips.