Overclocker Sets New World's CPU Frequency Record

Intel Celeron D 352 Hits 8308MHz Clock-Speed

by Anton Shilov
08/23/2011 | 11:14 PM

An overclocker from Latvia has managed to set the new world's microprocessor frequency record. The man, who names himself Tapakah managed to overclock Intel Corp's Celeron D 352 chip to 8.309GHz, which is the highest microprocessor clock-speed ever reached.


The Celeron D 352 with nominal clock-speed of 3.20GHz was released in Q2 2006, over five years ago. The chip was made using 65nm process technology and has been discontinued. Nonetheless, code-named Cedar Mill microprocessors - which are based on Netburst micro-architecture - continue to remain the overclocking champions and are used by enthusiasts to set frequency records.

In order to overclock the Celeron D 352 to 8.309GHz frequency, Tapakah used Asus P5E3 Premium mainboard based on Intel X48 chipset, boosted core voltage to 1.984V as well as 1GB Corsair DDR3 memory module. The overclocker used liquid nitrogen cooling system along with Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme thermal paste.

Even though Tarakah managed to run CPU-Z program to verify overclocking result, the system was not enough stable to run benchmarks.