AMD's Highly-Anticipated Bulldozer Chips May Face Further Delay

AMD's FX-Series May Face Delay as AMD Does Not Confirm Revenue Shipments of New Opterons

by Anton Shilov
08/31/2011 | 10:26 AM

A number of market indicators revealed this week that the highly-anticipated microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture may become available later than expected. Several sources indicated that AMD might be unable to make available the FX-series "Zambezi" chips in September, besides, AMD declined to comment on revenue shipments of Opteron "Interlagos" and "Valencia" microprocessors.


The mass availability of next-generation high-end desktop FX-series central processing units (CPUs) code-named Zambezi in September is under question mark at the moment, an industrial source told X-bit labs. Other sources indicated that the desktop chips powered by Bulldozer micro-architecture will likely be launched sometimes in the fourth quarter of 2011, more than a quarter later than the company originally expected. AMD did not comment on the information.

The availability of the next-generation AMD Opteron "Interlagos" and "Valencia" microprocessors is still scheduled on Q3 2011, which ends in September. However, the company did not confirm that it had met its guidance and started to ship the appropriate chips for revenue in August (which it promised in July).

"Our [original] plan of record for Q3 revenue shipments of Bulldozer-based [AMD Opteron] products remains unchanged," said Phil Hughes, a spokesman for AMD.

AMD is eyeing the September 26 release date for its new “Valencia” Opteron 4200-series chips with six or eight cores as well as “Interlagos” Opteron 6200-series microprocessors with eight, twelve or sixteen cores, according to an unofficial report. Formally, AMD can introduce the chips officially on the day of the volume shipments start, not on the day when actual servers become available. Such announcement will allow AMD to meet its original guidance.

In case the information about possible slip of volume shipments of Bulldozer-based processors is correct, then actual high-volume availability of  desktops and servers will slip to the second half of Q4 2011 or even the Q1 2012. This means that the company will miss certain sales opportunities and its revenues will be lower than they could have been with volume availability of Bulldozer-based microprocessors.