AMD Roadmap Till 2013 Shows Kaveri, Kabini, Samara APUs

AMD’s Mid-Term Plans Show New Accelerated Processing Units for Mobile and Ultra Mobile Devices

by Anton Shilov
09/26/2011 | 10:25 PM

A leaked roadmap of Advanced Micro Devices shows a number of new accelerated processing units (APUs) for mainstream, low-power and ultra low-power mobile devices. All the APUs are powered by AMD’s next-generation micro-architectures called Steamroller and Jaguar due in 2013. The big question is whether the roadmap will actually be executed.


Based on slides that resemble those from AMD’s roadmaps that have been published by a forum member of 3DCenter web-site, the company plans to introduce three APUs – code-named Kaveri, Kabini and Samara – designed for different kinds of product in 2013. Not exact specifications of the chips are known, but what is clear is that they will be powered by substantially improved versions of Bulldozer and Bobcat architectures known as Steamroller and Jaguar.

The code-named Kaveri APUs, which will succeed Trinity and will be the heart of Indus platform, will sport Streamroller x86 cores, Fusion graphics cores and DDR3 memory controller. The new mobile mainstream platform will continue to consist of two chips: the Kaveri APU and Bolton I/O controller.

The Kabini accelerated processing units (that will replace Wichita) for low-power netbooks and notebooks will sport Jaguar x86 cores, Fusion graphics, DDR3 memory controller, integrated “Yangtze” Fusion controller hub (FCH). The novelty will belong to code-named Kerala mobile platform.

For ultra low-power devices, AMD will offer Samara APUs with Jaguar x86 cores, Fusion graphics engines and Salton input/output controller.

Even though Advanced Micro Devices, just like many other semiconductor companies, usually discloses long-term plans that appear to be both progressive and promising, the company frequently adjusts its plans depending on the market situation, performance and manufacturing abilities. For example, less than a year ago the company planned to launch code-named Komodo central processing units with new memory controller, PCI Express 3.0 support and other innovations in 2012. Nonetheless, recently the company cancelled Komodo in favour or less progressive Vishera microprocessor. Given the fact that the slides are dated July 2011 and because of the new CEO at the company it is likely that AMD will reconsider its roadmap.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.