Oracle: We Will Continue to Sell Systems with x86 Microprocessors

Oracle Still Interested in x86 Chips, Not Interested in Commodity Servers

by Anton Shilov
10/04/2011 | 10:25 PM

Oracle's vice president of systems business said at the company's event that while Oracle may not be too interested in selling commodity systems powered by x86 microprocessors, it is still willing to use such chips inside its "big" machines that use Oracle's software.


"We see Intel as a key building block to whole families of systems. What we aren't focused on is the large-scale x86 server business running, for example, the Windows OS. Our value is around enterprise computing," said John Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Oracle, during his keynote at Oracle's OpenWorld event, reports Infoworld web-site.

Sales of Oracle's relatively low-margin Sun servers powered by Intel Corp.'s Xeon processors have been declining for some time now. Recently chief executive officer of Oracle said that he would not mind that business to extinct completely as the company earned much less from those systems than from its own machines. Typically Oracle provides services and upgrade options to own systems, whereas when it comes to commodity x86 services the company has to compete against a number of other players.

Apparently, Oracle still cannot avoid usage of x86 chips in all of its systems and will thus continue to use them when needed. At the end, SPARC chips are not more competitive across the board against x86.