AMD's Bulldozer Beats Own Clock-Speed Record: 8.461GHz

AMD FX "Zambezi" Chip Bets Its Own Clock-Speed Record

by Anton Shilov
10/31/2011 | 09:49 PM

AMD FX-series microprocessor has once again set the world's highest microprocessor clock-speed record. Previously, AMD's own specialists overclocked the microprocessor to 8429MHz, now an independent oveclocker has managed to increase frequency of the code-named Zambezi chip to 8461MHz, a new record.


Andre Yang, an overclocker from Taiwan, managed to beat the record set by a team of AMD overclockers, by 32.13MHz using Asus Crosshair V Formula mainboard. The record was set using a commercially available AMD FX-8150 eight-core processor with one Bulldozer module (2 cores) active  at 1.992V core voltage. As it usually happens, the overclocked processor could not be benchmarked, but Mr. Yang managed to submit CPU-Z results to CPU-Z Validator.

The FX-series of microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices with up to eight cores have very high clock-speed potential, which is why some of such chips can hit 8GHz frequencies. Unfortunately, AMD does not bin its chips powered by Bulldozer micro-architecture for extreme clock-speeds, which is why FX family of products  cannot compete not only against Intel's Exteme-series central processing units, but also against performance-mainstream products in terms of compute performance.

Thanks to architectural peculiarities of AMD FX "Bulldozer" CPUs, it is logical to expect other overclockers to hit even higher frequencies in the coming months. Perhaps, the next B3 stepping of Zambezi or the next-generation Vishera microprocessors with Piledriver cores will even hit a new milestone: 9.0GHz.