AMD to Provide Mail-In Cash Back for Purchasers of Multi-Core Chips

AMD Kicks Off "More Cores, More Cash Back" Campaign in Europe

by Anton Shilov
06/20/2012 | 07:30 PM

In an another attempt to popularize its microprocessors among enthusiasts looking for premium performance, Advanced Micro Devices has kicked off a new campaign in select European countries under which it will send cash back to buyers of certain microprocessors and accelerated processing units (APU) with four, six and eight cores.


Customers in numerous European countries will need to purchase one of the qualifying products - A-series APUs for overclockers as well as FX-series for enthusiasts - from a participating reseller between June, 11, and August, 31, 2012, then complete the online claim form and upload the proof of purchase before the closing date of  September, 18, 2012. AMD will send the rebate via BACS or cheque within 45 days after it receives the paperwork.

The cash back will not be too high: €20/£20 for an eight-core chip, €15/£15 for a six-core microprocessor and €10/£10 for a chip with four cores.

Considering the fact that the price on AMD FX-8150 is generally similar to Intel Core i5-3570K in many countries, but the latter is substantially faster nearly across the board compared to the former, the promotion will unlikely impart sales of AMD's top-of-the-range products. Nonetheless, those, who would like to have small discounts on low-cost products, should visit web-site for details.