AMD's Initial Lineup of FX-Series "Vishera" Chips to Consist of Three Models

Specifications of Three New AMD FX "Vishera" Microprocessors Hit the Web

by Anton Shilov
08/28/2012 | 09:55 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has revealed certain launch plans for its next-generation FX-series central processing units code-named Vishera based on Piledriver micro-architecture to its partners in the channel. As it appears, the company is preparing three new FX family microprocessors to launch this year: a quad-core model, a six-core model and an eight-core flavour.


A leaked marketing document, presumably from AMD, reveals specifications of consumer-oriented chips that the company intends to release in the coming months, possibly early in the fourth quarter of the year. Apart from expected release of A-series Fusion "Trinity" accelerated processing units (APUs), AMD will also roll-out FX-8350, FX-6300 and FX-4320 central processing units (CPUs) based on "Vishera" design and featuring x86 cores powered by Piledriver micro-architecture.

Based on specifications of AMD FX-series "Vishera" processors published in the document, it appears that the new multi-core chips will not be clocked at significantly higher frequencies than the currently available AMD FX "Zambezi" CPUs. Given the fact that Piledriver x86 cores use a new resonant clock mesh technology developed by Cyclos Semiconductor, which allows to cut power consumption by 10%, or boost clock-speed by 10% without increase of TDP, the reason why the new Vishera CPUs do not feature increased frequencies is unclear.

A possible reason why AMD decided not to clock new FX-chips at high levels is that the CPUs have certain issues with operation at elevated frequencies for prolonged periods of time. Another reason is that AMD feels confident that advantages of Piledriver micro-architecture will grant sufficient performance increases to the upcoming FX-series products.

The document is dated July, 2012, therefore the plans might have changed since then.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.