Intel Expands Lineup of 22nm Microprocessors

Intel Adds Over Ten Chips into Product Family

by Anton Shilov
09/03/2012 | 08:35 PM

Just in time for the back-to-school season and well ahead of holiday season, Intel Corp. has quietly added over ten microprocessors into its family of products. As expected, the world's largest chipmaker introduced numerous new versions of Core i-series "Ivy Bridge" chips as well as unveiled a number of low-cost offerings made using 22nm and 32nm process technologies.


To broaden its desktop product line, Intel added seven Core i3 and Core i5 "Ivy Bridge" microprocessors as well as nine Core i3, Pentium and Celeron "Sandy Bridge" chips into its price-list. The mobile lineup got boosted by three new models of Core i7 "Ivy Bridge" as well as two Celeron "Sandy Bridge" central processing units.

The addition of new chips will barely have any significant impact on Intel's competitive positions on the market: for several years now the company's desktop and laptop CPUs have been unrivalled when it comes to general-purpose performance in traditional applications , hence the addition of mainstream and entry-level processors will barely play any significant role, but will rather make choice of chips more complicated for end-users.

"Third generation Intel Core i3 desktop processors are now available providing value-priced CPU horsepower for those wanting to take advantage of features such as Intel HD Graphics with Intel Quick Sync Video, Intel Wireless display, and more. They will be offered in standard and low wattage models, designated by an "S" or a "T" in the processor name, with frequencies ranging from 2.8GHz to 3.4GHz," a statement by the company reads.