AMD FX-Series "Vishera" Microprocessors Available for Pre-Order Online

AMD FX Processors with Piledriver Cores to Sell for $130 - $253

by Anton Shilov
09/20/2012 | 01:08 PM

An online store has started to take pre-orders on AMD's next-generation FX-series "Vishera" central processing units (CPUs) based on Piledriver micro-architecture. The four chips currently listed by the e-tailer are more expensive than available AMD FX "Zambezi" products, but are not positioned against Intel's higher-end Core i7-series "Ivy Bridge" chips.


BLT store recently started to take pre-orders on four AMD FX "Vishera" chips, models FX-8350, FX8320, FX-6300 and FX-4300 that are priced at $253, $242, $175 and $131, respectively. While the FX-8350 and FX-6300 were expected to be released in the first group of the new FX processors, the other two were not supposed to be launched in the first consignment, which shows that AMD has adjusted its plans.

According to CPU World world web-site, specifications of the chips currently listed for pre-orders are as follows:

It is noteworthy that the high-end AMD FX-8300-series processors based on Piledriver micro-architecture are priced higher than Intel Core i5 "Ivy Bridge" chips. Potentially, this means that AMD now expects its microprocessors to successfully compete against performance-mainstream products by arch-rival Intel, which is generally a good news as presently-available FX-family CPUs have failed to beat similarly-positioned Core i5 "Sandy Bridge" chips last year. On the other hand, since prices are not official, they may be artificially bumped up.

AMD FX "Vishera" central processing units sport up to eight Piledriver (second-generation Bulldozer) x86 cores, dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, 8MB L3 cache, Turbo Core 3.0 dynamic performance boosting technology, new instructions and other improvements. AMD expects Piledriver to offer 10% - 15% better x86 performance than Bulldozer. Piledriver x86 cores use a new resonant clock mesh technology developed by Cyclos Semiconductor, which allows to cut power consumption by 10%, or boost clock-speed by 10% (compared to Bulldozer) without increase of TDP. The new AMD FX chips are compatible with AM3+ infrastructure as well as Scorpius platform featuring AMD 990FX core-logic sets.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.