AMD Reportedly Working on Cost-Efficient Eight-Core FX Microprocessor

Makers of Mainboards Add Support for AMD FX-8300 Chip

by Anton Shilov
11/06/2012 | 11:57 PM

Even though Advanced Micro Devices these days does not compete for the high-end of the desktop microprocessor market, the company can still offer viable solutions for entry-level and mainstream markets. According to a media report, the company is working on a cost-efficient eight-core central processing unit that will belong to the FX family.


At present AMD only offers two eight-core processors – FX-8350 and FX-8320 – with 125W thermal design power that are priced at $195 and $169, respectively. The products require sophisticated cooling solutions, which further increases their price for the end-user and makes such chips an option for enthusiasts. In a bid to satisfy demand for multi-core chips by truly mainstream customers, AMD intends to release eight-core FX-8300 microprocessor, which fits into 95W power envelope and costs less than $169.

Several makers of mainboards have already added support for AMD model FX-8300 (model: FD8300WMW8KHK) central processing units, reports TechPowerUp web-site, which implies that the launch of the chip is not far away. However, given current position of the eight-core FX processors, it is highly-likely that the FX-8300 will first be offered through complete systems.

The new eight-core AMD FX-8300 product will have nominal clock-speed of 3.20GHz and maximum Turbo Core frequency of 3.60GHz. The novelty will continue to have 8MB level-two cache, 8MB level-three cache and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. The processor will be compatible with socket AM3+ infrastructure.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.