AMD’s Vice President Leaves Company to Join Samsung Electronics

Michael Goddard Becomes Chief System Architect of Samsung

by Anton Shilov
12/26/2012 | 10:57 PM

Yet another highly-positioned veteran from Advanced Micro Devices has decided to quit the company and join one of its rivals. Earlier this month Michael Goddard, corporate vice president for product design engineering and chief engineer on client products, decided to leave AMD after nearly 25 years career and joined Samsung Electronics.


Michael Goddard joined AMD back in 1988, when Jerry Sanders was head of the company, and survived several epochs and transitions at AMD and three chief executive officers. Back in 1988 AMD was making clones of Intel Corp.’s processors and was just a second source of chips for PC makers. Mr. Goddard was a part of the company in 1995, when AMD introduced its first in-house CPU design, AMD K5, but still was an underdog the processor market. The veteran continued to work at AMD during the breakthrough years 1999 – 2006, when the company made the fastest central processing units in the world, but he never left after the company was left behind by its arch-rival. As it appears, the latest spree of job cuts at AMD essentially pushed the long-time employee of the company out of the chip designer.

At Samsung Electronics, Michael Goddard will be vice president and chief system architect and will work at Samsung’s Austin R&D center, a very important facility for the consumer electronics giant. It is believed that Samsung is developing its future microprocessors and supporting systems in Austin, Texas.

Earlier this year another key executive – vice president and general manager of AMD Opteron division – from AMD, Patrick Patla, decided to leave AMD to join Samsung Electronics, where he develops a server central processing unit. Many other executives and engineers also left AMD in the recent years to join Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung and many other companies.

AMD has reportedly confirmed the departure of Michael Goddard.