Intel to Offer Nine Types of Haswell Processors in Four Types of Packages

Intel May Still Offer Broadwell Chips in LGA1150 Packaging

by Anton Shilov
12/27/2012 | 11:30 PM

As the number of different types of personal computers is growing, so does the variability of components. In order to offer the right balance of performance, power consumption and footprint, Intel will increase the number of Core i-series “Haswell” processor types to nine. With the following-generation, Broadwell, Intel will lower the number of types to five, according to a media report.


According to reports from Expreview and PC Watch web-sites, Intel will offer whopping nine version of its Core i 4000-series “Haswell” microprocessors with different levels of perfroamcne and power efficiency for desktops, full-size laptops, regular notebooks as well as ultrabooks/ultrabook convertibles. This will naturally prolong the launch and roll-out of next-gen central processing units (CPUs) to several quarters and will make it rather expensive for the company to test and package its products. More importantly, it will be hard for Intel to predict the demand towards exact configuration.

To simplify its product line and cut down the costs, Intel will lower the number of Core i 5000-series “Broadwell” versions to five. More importantly, at least one of them will be aimed at desktops and will come in LGA1150 form-factor. The desktop Broadwell CPUs will only feature four cores and will likely belong to only Core i5 and Core i7 model families. Other three types of products will be designed for all-in-one desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks/ultrabook convertibles and will offer different levels of performance and power consumption depending on the targeted applications.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.