AMD Reveals Client APUs for 2013: Richland, Kabini, Temash and Kaveri

AMD Demonstrates Working Kabini and Temash APUs, Begins to Ship Richland Chips

by Anton Shilov
01/07/2013 | 11:23 PM

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, Advanced Micro Devices revealed the lineup of its client accelerated processing units (APUs) due in 2013. As expected, the firm plans to release a brand-new generation of low-power system-on-chips. In addition, the firm said it had begun to ship improved A-series “Richland” APUs. Surprisingly, AMD hopes to launch code-named Kaveri chips this year as well.


AMD demonstrated working silicon of its first true system on chip (SoC) APUs, codenamed “Temash” and “Kabini” with all-new Jaguar x86 cores and graphics core next (GCN) Radeon HD graphics, which will be the industry’s first quad-core x86 system-on-chips. Both APUs are scheduled to ship in the first half of 2013. Demonstrations included a range of leading-edge applications and games on a “Kabini”-based ultrathin notebook and a “Temash”-based performance tablet and hybrid notebook.

AMD also introduced the new APU codenamed “Richland” which is currently shipping to OEMs and delivers visual performance increases ranging from more than 20% (compared to AMD A10-4600M) to up to 40% (compared to AMD A8-4555M). AMD A-series Fusion “Richland” APUs feature up to four Piledriver x86 cores as well as AMD Radeon HD graphics with VLIW4 architecture (in general, Richland is something like Trinity 2.0) and is expected to come bundled with new software for consumers such as gesture- and facial-recognition to expand and enhance consumers’ user experiences.

The follow-on to “Richland” will be the 28nm APU codenamed “Kaveri” with revolutionary heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) features which is expected to begin shipping to customers in the second half of 2013.

“With a groundbreaking new APU line-up in 2013, AMD is poised to win in high-growth consumer segments. We are developing technologies with end users in mind – to bring true surround computing and immersive experiences to our everyday lives. It is exciting to bring our industry-leading APU technologies to market, including the industry’s first x86 quad-core SoC, while building on our leadership in graphics and gaming,” said Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of AMD global business units.