AMD Recruits Chip Veterans from Apple, Qualcomm to Diversify Beyond PCs

AMD Makes Additional Hires to Address New Markets

by Anton Shilov
01/22/2013 | 11:16 PM

Advanced Micro Devices recently lost a number of high-profile executives and engineers as a result of restructuring as well as resignations. As a it appears, the company still manages to gather at least some industry veterans with the aim to diversify beyond personal computers. In the recent month AMD managed to recruit two high-profile execs.


In December AMD hired Wayne Meretsky, who once was AMD’s fellow and who also co-authored x86-64 specification and drove x86-64 architecture definition through industry. Mr. Meretsky recently became AMD’s corporate vice president of software development, bringing back years of software-related experience to the company. Previously, Mr. Meretsky helped to develop Apple Mac OS as well as managed AMD's software development organization. He also used to work at PA Semi before it got acquired by Apple.

AMD also managed to hire Charles Matar, an expert in low-power and embedded chip design, who recently worked at Qualcomm, but previously also worked at AMD, reports Reuters news-agency. Mr. Matar became AMD’s vice president of system-on-chip development.

Both hires are considered to be strategic for AMD, which is trying to reduce its dependence on the slowing market of personal computers and reposition itself as a provider of highly integrated solutions for mobile and embedded devices.

The recruitment of highly-skilled executives is clearly a good news for AMD. However, it should be kept in mind that the first products that will be developed by the new employees will only materialize in over a year from now at the earliest.