AMD Introduces Low-Cost Quad-Core FX “Vishera” Microprocessor

AMD Adds FX-4130 Microprocessor into Lineup

by Anton Shilov
01/29/2013 | 02:02 PM



Advanced Micro Devices this week introduced a new quad-core AMD FX-series central processing unit with code-named Vishera core and Piledriver micro-architecture. The new chip is a tad faster than its predecessors in the same price category despite of the fact that is has reduced amount of cache memory.

While the new AMD FX-4130 processor formally belongs to 4100-series chips, it is based on the latest-generation Vishera core design and features four Piledriver x86 cores. The processor operates at 3.80GHz based clock-speed and can overclock itself to 3.90GHz frequency. The chip has 4MB L2 cache (1MB per core) as well as 4MB unified L3 cache. The chip is rated at 125W thermal design power and therefore should be a not bad overclocker. The new low-cost AMD FX-series microprocessor should be drop-in compatible with AM3+ mainboards.

According to AMD’s official documents, the FX-4130 replaces FX-4100 at $101 price-point and provides 3% - 9% more performance than its predecessor. Moreover, thanks to Piledriver micro-architecture, the novelty is supposed to overclock considerably better than the previous-generation FX-4100.

As Globalfoundries ramps up production of AMD Vishera cores using its 32nm process technology, AMD will gradually introduce new solutions based on cut-down versions of Vishera.