AMD Begins to Ship Low-Power Kabini APUs for Revenue

AMD Initiates Sales of New-Generation Low-Power, Low-Cost APUs

by Anton Shilov
04/18/2013 | 07:58 PM

Advanced Micro Devices said Thursday that it had started to ship its next-generation low-power, low-cost accelerated processing units code-named Kabini for revenue. The new chips will improve AMD’s position on the market of low-cost desktops, laptops and convertibles. The company did not reveal specifications of the new ships it currently sells.


“We have started volume shipments of Kabini in the first quarter and have a strong portfolio of high volume entry-level design wins based on its substantial performance and battery life improvements,” said Rory Read, chief executive officer of AMD, during quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

AMD A-series and E-series accelerated processing units code-named Kabini integrate up to four Jaguar x86 cores, AMD Radeon HD graphics adapter based on GCN [graphics core next] architecture, DDR3 memory controller as well as rich input-output capabilities. The all-new Jaguar x86 micro-architecture, new GCN-based graphics engine and other improvements are expected to deliver an increase of more than 50% in performance in PCMark Vantage over the previous generation of AMD essential computing APUs (codenamed “Brazos 2.0”).

AMD in general has strong expectations for its mobile APU business this year thanks to introduction of code-named Temash chips for media tablets and fanless designs and generally improved portfolio of chips.

“This year we will have the broadest range of mobile processors in our history spanning from sub-4W to 35W. We have introduced our newest A-series ‘Richland’ APU for the mainstream client market and have secured innovative and premium design wins. […]. As part of our strategy to win new client form-factors we are ramping production of ‘Temash’ and support of the ultra-low power and fanless designs. Temash beat the competition and is ideal for tablets, hybrids and convertibles. We have a strong portfolio of customer offerings coming to market and we expect this will spur demand as a back half of 2013 and provide us with an opportunity to grow share,” said Mr. Read,

Many of the new design wins of AMD come with touch-screens and will bring the full Windows 8 experience more broadly to main stream and entry price points.