First Images of AMD Fusion A-Series “Richland” APUs Hit the Web

AMD to Assemble Chips in China, Not Only Malaysia

by Anton Shilov
05/06/2013 | 10:22 PM

The first images of what is claimed to be Advanced Micro Devices’ next-generation Fusion A-series “Richland” accelerated processing unit have hit the web. The chips feature all the official markings, including official branding and product number and seem to be commercial. The latter fact means that the new A-series APUs will be on sale on time early next month.


The new chips, which photos were first published by Hermitage Akihabara web-site, are marked as A10-6800 (OPN: AD680KWOA44HL), A10-6700 (OPN: AD6700OKA44HL) and A4-4000 (OPN: AD4000OKA23HL). The products are claimed to be based on Richland design, so the A10-series APUs feature four AMD Piledriver x86 cores as well as Radeon HD 8670D integrated graphics solution with 384 stream processors. The unknown AMD A4-4000 either belongs to previous-gen code-named Trinity solutions and has two x86 cores and Radeon HD 7000-series graphics core (with VLIW4 architecture), or to the very low-end of Richland family.  

It is interesting to note that AMD A10 chips are made in China, whereas all the previous AMD processors were assembled and tested in Malaysia. It looks like AMD started to test and assemble microprocessors in China, possibly to cut down costs or optimize manufacturing flow. At present the company diffuses its processors at a Globalfoundries’ factory in Dresden, Germany, but eventually the firm will also use Globalfoundries fab in New York, USA.


AMD A-series Fusion “Richland” APUs feature up to four Piledriver x86 cores as well as AMD Radeon HD graphics with VLIW4 architecture (in general, Richland is something like Trinity 2.0). Thanks to improved clock-speeds without any gains in power consumption, the new A-series APUs should be noticeably faster than the predecessors in all kinds of applications. The new chips are drop-in compatible with existing platforms, therefore AMD’s partners among PC makers should quickly ramp up systems based on A-series Fusion “Richland” APUs. AMD intends to formally introduce A-series “Richland” chips for desktops in early June.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.