Retail Versions of Intel Core i “Haswell” Are “Hotter and Slower” Than Expected – Report

Production Haswell Processors Not As Good Overclockers As Samples – PC Makers

by Anton Shilov
06/06/2013 | 11:13 PM

Although Intel Core i-series “Haswell” microprocessors have a number of advantages over predecessors when it comes to overclocking, retail versions of the chips are not as good overclockers as pre-production versions of the chip. According to manufacturers of factory overclocked PCs, commercial versions of Intel Core i7-4770K cannot remain stable at speeds achievable by samples of the product. Intel admits: overclocking results are not guaranteed.


“There is a big difference in the overclocking potential between early Haswell samples and retail [chips],” said one representative for a PC maker, in a conversation with PCPro web-site.

Four enthusiast PC makers from the U.K., who supply personal computers with factory-overclocked microprocessors told PCPro web-site that retail versions of Core i-series 4000-family “Haswell” central processing units have not been able to match the clock-rates seen on pre-production models, which Intel provides to manufacturers for testing before the official launch. It is unclear whether samples of Haswell were specifically binned more thoroughly than retail products, or Intel has changed certain production/packaging methods for final microprocessors.

"PCs based on pre-production [speeds] of 4.5GHz have had to be dropped to 4.3GHz because of a lack of stability in retail parts,” said a representative for another PC manufacturer.

Another concern for PC makers is that retail versions of Intel Core i “Haswell” chips when overclocked are around 15°C hotter than pre-production samples as well as hotter compared to previous-generation Core i “Ivy Bridge” products that were made using the same 22nm process technology even at default clock-speeds.

“The overclocking experience will vary from CPU to CPU, and from generation to generation, due to many different factors and we cannot guarantee a specific frequency. We continue to add new and exciting overclocking capabilities and we expect enthusiasts to be pleased with the unlocked fourth generation Core i processors,” said a spokesman for Intel.