Intel to Introduce Affordable “Haswell” Microprocessors in September

Intel Preps Haswell-Based Core i3 and Pentium Chips for September Launch

by Anton Shilov
06/25/2013 | 11:28 PM

Intel Corp. intends to introduce affordable microprocessors based on Haswell micro-architecture this September, if an extract from a presumably Intel’s document is to be believed. The world’s No. 1 maker of chips will introduce a number of new microprocessors that will belong to Core i3 and Pentium product families.


In case the document is up to date and plans of Intel’s are not going to change, then on September 1, 2013, the world’s largest chipmaker will introduce Core i7-4771, Core i5-4440, Core i5-4440S, Core i3-4340, Core i3-4330, Core i3-4330T, Core i3-4130, Core i3-4130T, Pentium G3430, Pentium G3420, Pentium G3220, Pentium G3420T as well as Pentium G3220T based on Haswell micro-architecture. The company will also add new Core i5-3340, Core i5-3340S, Celeron G1630, Celeron G1620 and Celeron G1620T based on Ivy Bridge micro-architecture.

It is interesting to note that the aforementioned microprocessors will be announced on September 1, but will only become available on Asian markets starting that date. In Europe, Middle-East, Africa, North America and Latin America the new chips will be available only starting from September 29, 2013.

The emergence of new affordable microprocessors based on Intel Haswell micro-architecture will mark the beginning of the end of previous-generation products, including those based on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge designs. As Intel widens availability of new-generation microprocessors, it will have to shrink shipments of earlier central processing units.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.