Imagination Previews MIPS Series 5 “Warrior” Low-Power CPU Cores

Imagination and MIPS Introduce “Warrior” Microprocessor Cores

by Anton Shilov
06/25/2013 | 11:30 PM

Imagination Technologies, a leading licensor of microprocessor and graphics processing technologies, this week revealed basic details about its new-generation series 5 general-purpose processing cores code-named Warrior. MIPS series 5 CPUs feature cores are based on the MIPS32 and MIPS64 instruction set architectures, with a focus on superior performance efficiency across the high-end, mid-range and entry-level/microcontroller CPUs.


Imagination has also designed a multi-layered security technology for MIPS series 5 “Warrior” CPU IP cores that creates scalable, trusted execution environments for secure mobile and embedded systems.

Select MIPS series 5 “Warrior” CPUs will benefit from MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA), which is specifically designed to accelerate compute-intensive applications with generic compiler support for high-level programming languages and APIs such as C or OpenCL. The MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA) technology adds new instructions to the MIPS architecture that enable efficient parallel processing of vector operations. The architects developed an elegantly designed SIMD instruction set that is fully featured yet programmer- and compiler-friendly. This is achieved by directly translating most of the gcc SIMD patterns in single MSA instructions, seamlessly mixing scalar and vector data types operations through a rich set of typed data transfer instructions and much more.

By adding a software-programmable SIMD solution, these MIPS series 5 CPUs provide flexibility for handling multimedia codecs and functions without having to use DSP-dedicated hardware.

Imagination’s MIPS series 5 “Warrior” central processing unit (CPU) cores are designed to address a wide range of markets, from mobile and networking to embedded and microcontroller applications.

MIPS series 5 “Warrior” CPUs introduce both hardware and software virtualization (VZ) technologies. The virtualization implementation addresses not just MIPS32 applications processor cores, but extends all the way to ultra-high performance MIPS64 CPUs, where the VZ technology provides a simple and flexible hardware-based virtualization solution incorporated in products from industry leaders such as Broadcom and Cavium.

In addition to the MSA and VZ technologies, and bringing out core IP based on the MIPS64 architecture, MIPS will continue to develop a multithreaded family of cores in the MIPS series 5 “Warrior” line-up. This provides a valuable and highly-differentiated capability in the CPU IP space, and empowers licensees to benefit from the combined advantages of multithreading and multicore in key applications such as networking, while extending Imagination’s leadership in this class of IP.