Intel on Track with Volume 14nm Production This Year

Intel to Produce Broadwell Chips Later in 2013

by Anton Shilov
07/17/2013 | 08:35 PM

On Wednesday Intel Corp. reiterated committment to start commercial production of central processing units and other products using 14nm process technology later this year. Given the fact that Intel has no plans to introduce its next-generation Broadwell microprocessors to the desktop market in 2014, the actual manufacturing volumes will not be as high as they could have been.


“Our investments and expertise in process technology continue to be the foundation of our industry leadership with 22 nanometer defect density and throughput times at record low levels and 14 nanometer on track for production by the end of the year,” said Brian Krzanich, chief executive officer of Intel, during quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

Traditionally, Intel starts to produce chips using new manufacturing process around October – November in a bid to formally introduce them in Q1 or Q2 the next calendar year. Usually Intel launches new central processing units based on new high-performance micro-architecture for desktops, notebooks, workstations and even single-socket servers at the same time. This will not be the case with chips to be made using 14nm manufacturing technology.

Broadwell chips will only land into mobile computers next year, according to Intel’s plans. For desktops, uniprocessor servers and workstations there will be so-called Haswell Refresh microprocessors made using 22nm fabrication process. As a result, the volumes of 14nm products this year may be lower than traditional output using a new node.

Intel itself has not officially confirmed lack of plans to introduce Broadwell microprocessors for desktops in 2014. But confirmed existence of Core-branded 14nm products in the roadmap for the first half of 2014.

“We are not going to give changes to the roadmap or any kind of product schedules here, from what will happen as a result of the strategy. We will try and bring those updates to our Investor Meeting that happens in November. As far as our 14nm Core launch in our general product launch, I think what we have said so far is first half of 2014 and […] we are not ready to give any specifics beyond that,” said Mr. Krzanich.