Intel to Release Haswell-Based Celeron Processors in Early 2014 - Report

Intel to Launch Celeron Processors Based on Haswell Micro-Architecture in Q1 2014

by Anton Shilov
08/30/2013 | 11:10 PM

Although Intel Corp. will offer numerous Celeron- and Pentium-branded microprocessors based on low-power/low-cost Silvermont micro-architecture, the company will also use the brands to sell inexpensive products powered by its high-performance Haswell micro-architecture. While Intel Core i3 and Pentium chips featuring Haswell technology are due next month, Celeron processors based on the latest micro-architecture will only be available in early 2014.


Intel preps three desktop Celeron microprocessors powered by Haswell technology for launch in Q1 2014, according to a report from CPU World web-site. Just like current-generation Celeron products, the new chips will feature just two cores, 2MB L2 cache, dual-channel memory controller as well as basic Intel HD graphics engine clocked at up to 1050MHz. Quite naturally, the Haswell-based Celerons will also not support premium technologies like Hyper-Threading, AES, VPro, Turbo Boost and many others. The new chips are projected to use LGA1150 form-factor.

The chips are expected to feature 35W or 54W thermal design power, just right envelopes for low-cost small form-factor systems, but not breakthrough figures for chips made using 22nm process technology. While the chips will not revolutionize the market of very affordable desktop PCs, thanks to rather efficient architecture and relatively high performance, they will become viable options in the $37 - $52 per CPU market segment.  

Intel did not comment on the news-story.