Intel Initiates Selling Inexpensive Haswell-Based Microprocessors

Intel Begins to Sell Haswell-Based Core i3, Pentium Processors

by Anton Shilov
09/02/2013 | 11:30 PM

Intel Corp. on Monday began to sell affordable Core i3 and Pentium microprocessors based on the latest Haswell micro-architecture for desktops. The new chips will improve performance of inexpensive and low-power personal computers and will further expand share of chips made using 22nm process technology in Intel’s lineup.


Unlike previous-generation Core i3 “Ivy Bridge” microprocessors, the new Core i3-4000 family “Haswell” products come with 4MB of cache, a 1MB boost that will inevitably improve performance in single-threaded and memory-intensive applications. Traditionally, Intel Core i3 feature two cores with Hyper-Threading technology, the new-generation chips sport Intel HD Graphics, HD Graphics 4400 or HD Graphics 4600. The new Core i3 chips in LGA1150 form-factor will cost from $122 to $149, typical price for performance-mainstream offerings by Intel.

The new Intel Pentium central processing units come with two cores without HT technology, reduced clock-rates compared to Core i3 products, basic Intel HD Graphics adapter as well as 3MB cache. The Pentium chips in LGA1150 package cost from $64 to $86.

In addition to new desktop-class Core i3 and Pentium processors with Haswell micro-architecture, Intel also introduced new mobile versions of chips featuring the same technology.

Intel plans to start selling Haswell-based Celeron chips in Q1 2014.