AMD Kaveri to Boost x86 Performance by 20%, Graphics Performance by 30% - Slide

AMD Kaveri 2.0 Details Leak to the Internet: Specs Get Unleashes

by Anton Shilov
11/26/2013 | 11:08 PM

The first actual specifications and performance estimations regarding next-generation mobile platform code-named Kaveri has leaked onto the Internet. Just as expected, the forthcoming chip from Advanced Micro Devices will bring a lot of innovations to the market. However, it is not projected that it will also bring breakthroughs in performance.


ExtremeSpec web-site has published what it claims to be a slide from an AMD presentation describing what is called “AMD Kaveri 2.0 platform”. Just like AMD said, the A-series “Kaveri” will feature two dual-core x86 Steamroller modules (two integer units per module), one FPU with two 128-bit FMACs, one MMX unit, Radeon R7 graphics processing unit with 512 stream processors (eight GCN compute units) as well as HUMA [heterogeneous unified memory architecture] shared memory controller.

What AMD has not revealed is that the SteamrollerB x86 cores will demonstrate around 20% performance improvement compared to Piledriver x86 cores in the same 15W – 35W power envelope. Graphics engine will provide another 30% performance boost. It is noteworthy that the estimates are “pre-silicon” projections and actual total compute performance of desktop AMD A10-7850K (3.7GHz x86 core clock-rate, 720MHz graphics engine frequency) “Kaveri” APU will be around 856GFLOPS, which is quite a lot.

What AMD has not yet announced is that the Kaveri platform will have new UVD 4.2 universal video decode engine, VCE 2.0 video compression engine, SAMU 2.1 secure asset management unit. Besides, it will feature PCIe 3.0 x16 interconnection for discrete graphics solutions, dedicated PCI Express interface for solid-state drives and so on. To make the new mobile platform even more competitive, it will feature AMD Start Now 3.0 technology with smart sleep capability (probably, it will support Connected Standby technology from Windows 8.1).

Desktop versions of AMD A-series “Kaveri” chips will be available starting from January 14, 2014. Mobile flavours will emerge at a later date.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.