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A Taiwanese company that entered the graphics card market very recently has reportedly started to sell its graphics cards based on the RADEON 9600 PRO graphics processor with memory speeds lower than specified by ATI Technologies. Journalists from web-site already called such products as the RADEON 9600 PRO Lite.

The graphics cards are made according to the RADEON 9600 PRO reference design, but cost 180 Euros instead of 230 Euros. A very annoying thing about these devices is that their VPU is clocked at 400MHz, just like ATI specified for the RADEON 9600 PRO, whereas memory of the solution works at 400MHz as well, just like specified for the RADEON 9600 (non-PRO). Such hybrid is faster than the latter, but is definitely slower than the original RADEON 9600 PRO. The problem is that they are for sale under the RADEON 9600 PRO brand-name and this misleads customers.

We are trying to find out whether this is actully a lower-end edition of the RADEON 9600 PRO or a new version of the RADEON 9600. Stay tuned.


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I got one of those. A Ge-Cube 9600PRO revision 1.3 (PCB) clocked at 400/500. It was strange...500 ? i was expecting 400/400 for being a LITE version, but 500 it´s ok :))) so then i realized that the older revision of Ge-Cube, the 1.1, it is clocked at 400/400. What makes me happy is the OVERCLOCK. After adding some heatsinks on the memories, i got an incredible mark of 690 (345x2). Not AS ROCK AS SHOULD BE, some artifacts, but was ok. On 680 i got NO ARTIFACTS. The core after adding thermal grase could be increased up to 460. I am gonna send it to add VMod (+ voltages on VPU and MEM) and change this terrible inneficient cooler, let´s see if can achieve 500...a 9600 XT that´s right ? :) Detail: Samsung, 4ns
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I got screwed over by this exact same thing, with a retailer listing the product as a regular PRO. I only found out the turth after installing Rage3d tweak.
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Hey there. Thanks for the response. Do you think I should keep it though? Is it a decent card for the money, and will it run
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Ok on my system? I mean is the only difference the memory size? and how much difference does that make??? thanks
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