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An official from Nvidia, a leading designer of system chipsets and graphics processors, admitted that the company had underestimated resources it needed to develop proper drivers for Windows Vista, but said the issues would be shortly resolved. Besides, the company has outlined its priorities when developing drivers for the new operating system (OS).

Several days after Microsoft Windows Vista operating system was released, hundreds of end-users reported complaints about instabilities, erratic behaviour, driver bugs and other kind of issues that they faced because of Nvidia’s ForceWare drivers designed for the new OS. End-users with various graphics cards, including the latest top-of-the-range GeForce 8800-series, criticized Nvidia ForceWare for poor performance and stability, something, which logotype “Vista Ready” is not meant to say.

One person, who wanted to remain fully anonymous, even launched a web-site called in early February to collect the information about ForceWare issues with Windows Vista, however, in early March the web-site has been taken down due to an unknown reason.

Nearly two months have passed since the last WHQL-certified release of Windows Vista ForceWare drivers and there is a number of end-users who still experience issues with their machines and the GeForce graphics cards. But Nvidia’s Keita Iada, who is responsible for content development at the company, said in an interview with IGN web-site that the new drivers are near.

“We’re ramping up the frequency of our Vista driver releases. Users will probably understand that we release a number of beta drivers on our site, so we're making incremental progress. We believe that, in a very short time we will have addressed the vast majority, if not all of the issues. We’ve had teams who were working on other projects who have mobilised to make sure that as quickly as possible we have the drivers fixed. I’m not going to give you an exact timeframe, but it’s going to be very soon,” said Mr. Iada.

The director of content management at Nvidia also explained the reasons why the ForceWare drivers appear to have issues with the new operating system by Microsoft. According to him, the first priority for the company was to enable content developers with ability to create titles for DirectX 10, which is strategically important for the company. As a consequence, the firm underestimated resources it needed to design drivers for end-users.

“On a high level, we had to prioritise. In our case, we have DX9, DX10, multiple APIs, Vista and XP – the driver models are completely different, and the DX9 and 10 drivers are completely different. Then you have single- and multi-card SLI - there are many variables to consider. Given that we were so far ahead with DX10 hardware, we’ve had to make sure that the drivers, although not necessarily available to a wide degree, or not stable, were good enough from a development standpoint,” Mr. Iada said.

But even though the initial priority of Nvidia when developing drivers were content developers, right now the company has the priority of delivering stable drivers for Vista to end-users. It is remarkable that Nvidia even put performance of its drivers on the second place.

“We’ve had to balance our priorities between making sure we have proper DX10 feature-supported drivers to facilitate development of DX10 content, but also make sure that the end user will have a good experience on Vista. To some degree, I think that we may have underestimated how many resources were necessary to have a stable Vista driver off the bat. I can assure you and your readers that our first priority right now is not performance, not anything else; it is stability and all the features supported on Vista,” the director of content management at Nvidia added.


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ATI is not better: linux
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/14/07 02:06:01 PM]

I can assure you and your readers that our first priority right now is not performance, not anything else;

ohhh thank you very much!
i love the lame preformance of your drivers, keep up the good job!

damn i will have to sell that fucking 8800GTS card, i hope that some sucker will buy it.

ATI here i come!
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/16/07 12:45:39 AM]

Running 158.18... HL2 is still herky-jerky [ C2D e6300, 2GB DDR2800, 7900GS ~ 25 - 30 fps w/ occasional hiccups] . I suppose this is fine with nVidia since it doesent crash. Supreme Commander runs OK, but still buckles long before it does running XP SP2. It's looking like its gonna take quite awhile to get this stuff worked out. I hope I'm wrong though.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/19/07 09:23:01 AM]
- collapse thread

HI XA Hydra.
Nvidia said that they are trying to get vista up and running without any problems before they fix the big problem with 3D performance. so just hang TITE while they sort out the problem! ATI Still has big problems with vista! my second platform runs AMD Radeon i dont even switch it on. if you got any problems please post it To NVIDIA so that the new drivers it will be corrected.

Keep it sweet
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/19/07 03:08:17 PM]
Yeah, I've posted the issues... I'm with you in the sense that they've probably been flooded with problems almost identical to mine- to their CREDIT, stability has absolutley been fine. Not a single crash. Looking at the jump in driver revision numbers, it appears that they go through tons of builds before each release right now so it looks like they are really burning the midnight oil afterall. Well I GUESS its no big deal to wait awhile longer :) It's getting warmer around these parts outside anyways...
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/19/07 11:36:37 PM]


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