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ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, on Wednesday finally released its new Catalyst 10.3 driver that enables third-party providers of stereo 3D solutions to output stereoscopic three-dimensional images using ATI Radeon HD graphics cards. While ATI customers will not officially be able to enjoy stereo 3D, the options suggested by the graphics chips designer are not truly flexible.

“AMD has updated its Direct3D (Quad buffer support) driver to enable 3rd party middleware vendors, such as DDD and iZ3D, to output stereo L/R images at 120Hz (60Hz per eye),” a statement from ATI reads.

Even though the move formally allows ATI Radeon HD to support stereo 3D, just like Nvidia GeForce with 3D Vision technology, the solution is less flexible since it generally relies on proprietary technologies. In order to enjoy stereoscopic 3D gaming or to convert 2D movies to stereo 3D formats, users of ATI Radeon HD graphics cards will have to acquire third-party hardware and software.

Stereo 3D solution from DDD requires a special 3D starter pack ($199) that includes two pairs of wireless 3D active shutter glasses, one 3D transmitter, a CD containing the TriDef 3D Experience software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and an activation code for the TriDef 3D Experience. In addition, end-users need to own an output device supported by DDD, the list of which at present is generally limited to various HDTVs as well as one Hyundai P240W 24” display for whopping $2199. Even though the software from DDD automatically converts video games to stereo 3D format, for the best possible experience the company recommends to download special profiles for new games.

iZ3D’s stereoscopic solution is relatively well known. It requires a proprietary 22” monitor (1680x1050, 5ms, 60Hz, 700:1) from iZ3D which costs $349 which comes with two pairs of proprietary polarized glasses. In fact, iZ3D also offers to output 3D content for viewing in shutter glasses, but for that end-users will have to pay $49. While the latter option seems to be rather interesting, since iZ3D does not provide a list of compatible 3D glasses and displays, it seems that it is still limited to the company’s very own display.

Even though Nvidia Corp.’s 3D Vision stereo 3D technology is not ideal for a number of reasons, necessity to use proprietary 3D active shutter glasses and relatively limited compatibility with output devices are just two of them, it does guarantee acceptable stereo 3D gaming experience verified by the developer of the graphics processors. Meanwhile, AMD’s approach not only requires to use proprietary active shutter glasses (along with an HDTV) or even a proprietary combination of a monitor and glasses, but also delegates tailoring of actual games and the quality of end-user experience to a respective third-party company.

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"Even though the move formally allows ATI Radeon HD to support stereo 3D, just like Nvidia GeForce with 3D Vision technology, the solution is less flexible since it generally relies on proprietary technologies."

I couldn't even help laughing when I read that literally a week ago ATI was rambling and crying like babies about proprietary technology a plus hypocrisy from ATI and good job not even trying to ensure your own product works properly.
0 0 [Posted by: knowom  | Date: 03/25/10 11:24:29 AM]
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ATI's part of this is a open standard (like almost everything else they do) and NOT proprietary(unlike nvidia's, and just like everything else they do).
the problem is that there are no open standards for 3d display technology(screens glasses ect) yet. this has nothing to do with ATI and isn't in any way their fault.
however with this open standard from ATI the road is open for a open standard 3d display system to be developed.
laugh all you want but ATI kept their part of the bargain.
0 0 [Posted by: Countess  | Date: 03/26/10 01:16:54 AM]
There is Blu-ray 3D standard, which generally takes into account industry-standard components. Even though B3D, in theory, supports numerous types of stereo 3D implementations, all of them are indeed industry-standard components.

The problem with ATI's approach is that it does not want to tailor video games for any kind of stereo 3D and delegates this to third parties.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 03/26/10 02:48:06 AM]
Blu-Ray and everything it holds needs licensing. Why make something that is already expensive (3D tech at the moment) even more expensive by paying licenses and transferring cost to us (end users).
As much as I know AMD/ATI doesn't require any additional cost, and is free and open for use by anyone.

And what's that about "does not want to tailor video games".. ?!?! Anton, please don't disappoint me any further! Should ATI/AMD "tailor games"? Or should game developers start adding 3D support? I shiver on the thought of GPU companies "tailoring" anything that I see. They've done their share of "tailoring" in the good old 3DMark days, changing shaders, cutting content, and doing all kinds of "tailoring". I don't want that. I want, and industry needs, an open standard of any kind, of which any number of companies can be part of, and which will lower the prices and widen the contents. Not some nVidia "package" which they'll sell for 200$ for next 10 years, even though it could be made and sold for quarter the price.
0 0 [Posted by: LuxZg  | Date: 03/27/10 10:54:48 AM]

@knowom I agree with you completely. And all this 3D hype is stupid.
0 0 [Posted by: zaratustra06  | Date: 03/25/10 02:24:55 PM]
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You know what is really stupid....people that still dont realize they have awesome 3d worlds in their games and they still experience them in stupid lame flat 2D lol
0 0 [Posted by: shaolin95  | Date: 03/26/10 04:28:45 PM]

it will take some time for nvidia to implement proper multi display like eyefinity, and for AMD to implement proper 3d...

not that either technology is worth anything... bezels make eyefinity blech, and 3d is just blech.
0 0 [Posted by: taltamir  | Date: 03/25/10 03:27:53 PM]
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Eyefinity is nothing special softTH is about the same thing except supports higher resolutions and even more monitors.
0 0 [Posted by: knowom  | Date: 03/26/10 03:46:21 PM]

Uhhhhh??? Well, if we have to pay iZ3D $49 for their S3D software (drivers) utility so that we can play games in 3D, this is not bad at all. All we need is a monitor that supports 120Hz (at least 100Hz, really), like my Sony GDM-FW900 24" CRT. There are now 23-24" 1080p LCD monitors that output true 120Hz, sold by Alienware and Acer. 120Hz is already such a huge plus alone for LCD monitors--one has to experience 120Hz to understand what I mean (I could explain the benefits if somebody wants to challenge me here).

Anyways, $49 for a program and maybe $300-400 for a 120Hz monitor which is already worth it without using S3D are not too shabby for the one who can afford it.

Not forgotten are the shutter glasses themselves. There are some wired shutterglasses that can be had for only $10 off Ebay. Most of those glasses are connected to the video card using a VGA pass-thru dongle. With a DVI-to-VGA adapter, it should be no problem. $49 for the program plus a $10 pair of shutterglasses is a far, far better deal than Nvidia's $200 kit (that has "proprietary" spelled all over it).

0 0 [Posted by: Bo_Fox  | Date: 03/25/10 07:41:35 PM]

You are dead-on Bo_Fox. How can ATI be "proprietary" for enabling third-party solutions rather than only their own?
0 0 [Posted by: bbo320  | Date: 03/26/10 01:59:48 AM]

When they will require less than 50$ for a 3D set, using CURRENT monitors, I will be interested. Until then, a big waste of money, BIG!!
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 03/26/10 02:24:43 AM]

It's just another case of ATI being too cheap to make any serious investments in their own products on the software side of things as usual.

The only real reason ATI tries to support open standards and it's only up to a point really is to save or make themselves more money.

It's sad that they don't even support their own product and leave it up to a 3rd party to take care of it for them.
0 0 [Posted by: knowom  | Date: 03/26/10 09:33:26 AM]

Why hasn't anyone made blue tooth 3D glasses yet is what I can't figure out.
0 0 [Posted by: knowom  | Date: 03/26/10 09:36:14 AM]
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because bluetooth is POS
you need a better connection to sync properly
0 0 [Posted by: taltamir  | Date: 03/26/10 09:47:02 AM]

I am extremely disappointed to read this kind of FUD story by Anton Shilov on Xbit labs..

How is ATi solution proprietary if it's open and anyone can use it. And how come nVidia is any better if with them you can only have 3D stereoscopic imaging if you buy nVidia graphics + nVidia glass + nVidia approved monitors?

This article seems heavily as a FUD article against ATI/AMD and I can't help the feeling that nVidia "commercial" will follow next.

I do _like_ AMD/ATi but I'm not a fan(atic) of any kind, but this article just isn't objective, and is way under quality of articles I'm used to reading on ..

As for the ATI and their solution, I can only say that this is first step to much cheaper 3D experience in the future. Now multiple companies can start offering good 3D experience by leaning on ATI graphics, which means more competition for software, more competition for glasses, more competition for display.. and in time this competition will result in lower prices and better products. And than I'll buy graphics card from ATI, display from LG, glasses from some other company, and it will all work just fine.

Unlike nVidia's solution, where they control graphics+software+drivers+glasses and are only ones that can approve displays as well.. That's what Apple does, and nVidia is no different, they just want to keep the prices high and profit as much as they can from it all.

Please, re-read and re-write this article, but use your brain this time..
0 0 [Posted by: LuxZg  | Date: 03/27/10 10:46:00 AM]

I guess nobody here has heard of Bit Cauldron 3d glasses. They use RF to sync and are supposed to be much better regarding ghosting and such. They will also be released by multiple companys, so you will see them under multiple brands.

Here is a video and link:
0 0 [Posted by: Trevor  | Date: 03/27/10 03:10:12 PM]

Yea I don't get this article. The driver hooks provide the same solution as Nvidia, Nvidia just makes their own glasses as well.

'Proprietary hardware' sort of gives the wrong impression here. Any 3rd party can hook into the drivers and make a 3d solution. Their individual solution may be proprietary but the ATI/Nvidia drivers provide a generic hook anyone can use.

Faulting AMD for not making their own glasses is like faulting AMD/Nvidia for not making their own 120Hz panels. It's not in their realm of business and doesn't need to be.
0 0 [Posted by: noquarter  | Date: 03/27/10 05:59:10 PM]
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Or faulting nVidia/ATI for not making games as well..
0 0 [Posted by: LuxZg  | Date: 03/28/10 05:17:46 AM]

Well I just bought a samsung 7 series 3d lcd tv, and i have a ati card so if all i need to do is buy this software so i dont have to change my card to nvidia makes me a happy man. I have 2x 3d glasses plus my monitor is supported from tridef. I like both amd and nvidia but dont want to go out and spend around 300$ for a half decent gamers card that supports 3d. So imo this is good.

Yes ATI need to catch up with the times, 3d is here to stay. 50$ compared to 300$ is good. Anyways i think i will buy this software next pay and reply on whether its worth it or not. Thanks.
0 0 [Posted by: dlema  | Date: 09/12/10 04:24:34 AM]

Confusing much?

Can anyone state they've got 3d working with a ATI GPU?

If so, what item's you've bought and how to set up?
0 0 [Posted by: klj613  | Date: 09/13/10 11:54:06 AM]

I don't think the author understands the definition of proprietary. By definition, Nvidia is offering the proprietary solution. ATI has made it possible for other companies to market 3D products at competitive prices.

This article is shameful and pointless.
0 0 [Posted by: Jivefly  | Date: 08/10/11 05:58:53 PM]

Articles with a lot of errors in favor of one company are always a little suspicious. But then, Nvidia is in dire straights with their huge die-size processors and continuing leaky-transistor fab-problems, so they need every straw they can get.

I'd be far from favoring either company, cause if one "wins" over the other, we won't see anymore advances or price cuts for a long, long time.

Either way, I'd love to know of ANYONE WHO'S GOT THIS TO WORK over HDMI on a regular 3D capable TV, Like 600Hz Samsungs and Panasonics, or 400Hz Philips units.

Philips uses Pole fiter 3D with passive glasses, which theoretically lowers resolution by half, but to me, it looked no worse than active shutter glasses and was not flickery like active shutters are.

Just to stop any wrong ideas: no, I have zero interest hearing that some crappy proprietary 24" monitor worked... I like 50" monitors I can buy at the local TV store. Like the LG 50PZ250 3D TV, Philips 32PFL7606K, or Panasonic TX-P42UT30E 3D Plasma.
0 0 [Posted by: n13l5  | Date: 09/06/11 11:21:24 AM]


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