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Nvidia Corp. this week introduced its highest-performing graphics processing unit (GPU) for mobile systems. The new GeForce GTX 580M solution is powered by GF114 graphics chip, which makes it possible to expect premium desktop performance as well as feature-set on a notebook. Alienware is the first to use the GTX 580M inside its M17x and M18x laptops.

"The best game support. The best gaming features. The best gaming performance available anywhere. That's the essence of the GeForce GTX 580M. With power like this, you can turn all the knobs to 11," said Rene Haas, general manager of notebook products at Nvidia.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M graphics solution is based on the mobile flavour of the GF114 graphics processing unit (GPU) made using 40nm fabrication process. The model GTX 580M has 384 stream processing units. 64 texture units, 32 render back ends, 8 tessellation engines and well as 256-bit memory controller. Nvidia clocks the GF114 chip of GTX 580M at [presumably] 620MHz and its stream processors operate at 1240MHz. The designer recommends partners to use clock GDDR5 memory at 1.50GHz.

Just like the rest of the GeForce GTX 5-series and 5M-series, the GTX 580M fully supports Optimus graphics switching technology, DirectX 11, OpenGL 4, OpenCL 1, 3DVision, PhysX, SLI as well as all the modern functionality, including hardware decoding of high-definition stereo-3D video and so on.

Even though the GeForce GTX 580M name implies onto performance class of the GeForce GTX 580, the mobile solution will offer performance akin to GeForce GTX 560. Since the high-end GF110 chip is too bulky and too hot for notebooks, whereas the GF114 can run at high speeds without breaking the thermal design power limitations, it makes more sense for Nvidia (as well as for AMD) to use performance-mainstream GPUs to create flagship graphics solutions for laptops.  It is unclear whether the GeForce GTX 580M is actually faster than AMD Radeon HD 6900M (which is based on Cayman design and sports 960 stream processors).

The first notebook PC to feature the GeForce GTX 580M, the Alienware M18x offers the option of two GeForce GTX 580M GPUs in one system for up to double the gaming performance. Alienware claims that thanks to Optimus technology, the M17x (with one GPU) will deliver 5 hours of battery life in Facebook, and 100 frames per second performance in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

"Gamers aspire to experience games at their highest settings. Alienware activates the technology designed to enable those aspirations. With the launch of the GeForce GTX 580M on the Alienware M17x, and a dual card option on the M18x, that synergy continues - Alienware delivers the ultimate gaming experience," said Eddy Goyanes, product marketing manager for Alienware.

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The problem is cost:

Alienware M17x R3 Graphics Upgrade Options:

Upgrade from AMD 6870M to AMD 6970M -> $250
Upgrade from AMD 6870M to NVIDIA 580M -> $600

The 580M is only slightly better than the 485M it replaces and the 6970M and 485M were about on par with each other (485M had a very slight lead). That means with the 580M you pay 240% more for most likely 5% higher FPS.

The AMD 6970M option still gives tremendous battery life just like the 580M so that leaves CUDA as the only real differentiater to justify the price premium. Is CUDA alone worth the extra $350?
3 0 [Posted by: ikefu  | Date: 06/30/11 07:52:06 AM]

Nvidia is Nvidia. That means most mainstream Gamers with bunch of $$$ already heard about it's Geforce, CUDA, PhysX, etc names... and also afraid that pay their money for something that does not support for anyone of them. Imagine you have a Radeon card and then run GPU-Z and suddenly look at these names without checkmarks on...
I don't like NVIDIA since they banned Physx for ATi GPUs (I don't care they are right or not), but their advertisement & etc for Gamers I think means to be .... anything.
By the way, AMD must do more things just like their CPUs or APUs against Intel's. Maybe engage more engineers for that or something. Now bite me
2 1 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 06/30/11 02:47:29 PM]

Alienware=super overpriced crap.

There are other laptops out there with the same specs or better that are even 3 times more cheap than this crap brand!
5 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 07/01/11 01:35:57 AM]

i bought alienware before not recommending it as it is a complete rubbish and lot of problem (case crack and too many too mention) , buy asus instead not worth your hard earned money
1 0 [Posted by: wsidjono  | Date: 07/01/11 02:55:36 AM]

I still don't understand the point of these laptops. They are way too bulky and heavy to actually use on the road for professionals (who may want to play videogames in the hotel room). So in other words, most of the buyers of these laptops will likely not travel with them and just have them sitting on their desk.

In that case, why not just get a small PC case like the Lian-Li PC-V354B and tuck it nicely under their desk? Invest the rest into a 30 inch monitor and much faster graphics cards on the desktop.
2 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 07/01/11 11:33:56 PM]

We just need light and powerful mobiles.

Battery life, DVD-drive, keyboard size, screen size and low price is for bloody console noobs.

I bought Asus 1215N with NVIDIA ION2, because it has only 11 " screen and runs Sanctum and Minecraft with the Photorealistic pack. I can plug it to a 23" screen and it has the Logitech Unified keyboard-mouse combo. I can also carry it to university every day.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 07/05/11 07:29:43 AM]


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