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The first images of what is believed to be the next-generation high-end graphics card from Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday emerged on the Internet. The images may point to positioning of new device as well as complexities of the new high-performance code-named Tahiti graphics adapters.

The first photos of the new AMD Radeon HD graphics cards first appeared on Beyond3D forums. The new boards are marked as “Tahiti” and are believed to belong to the top-of-the-range single-chip next-generation Radeon HD family. Based on AMD’s current nomenclature, the new graphics adapters will be called the Radeon HD 7900-series.

The forthcoming AMD Radeon HD 7900 “Tahiti” graphics cards are very long and carry twelve GDDR5 memory chips, which means that they use 384-bit memory bus. The novelties have two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors, something which points to rather high power consumption. Typically, photos of unreleased graphics adapters emerge shortly before the launch.

AMD’s Tahiti graphics processor belongs to the highly-anticipated Southern Islands family of chips. The new SI family will use new graphics architecture, feature a number of innovations as well as will be made using 28nm process technology.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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I would like to know what happened to the London event.
0 0 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 12/08/11 01:10:25 PM]
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They rebadged low-end mobile HD7000M parts, and then went to a pub. AMD is on a roll with hyping up their products (see Bulldozer). I have doubts they'll release even a single 28nm desktop GPU this year. They should have just officially delayed the entire line to next year. Poor PR mgmt, of course expected after there is practically no one left in that division.

I realize it's not AMD's fault regarding 28nm process manufacturing issues. NV said a while back that there are no Kepler parts until next year. AMD just keeps dragging this train. I've been hearing rumors of HD7000 series launching starting June of 2011.....
1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 12/08/11 02:02:58 PM]
Well, in this article you have a photograph of the new cards and a defined roadmap only has been rumoured recently.
0 0 [Posted by: Filiprino  | Date: 12/08/11 04:57:53 PM]
You clearly aren't looking for intel in the right places. AMD has long held that their high end graphics chips would be released in late January; why only high end, because of limited stock on 28nm parts so makes sense to launch high end components first; plus extra rake on high end. AMD does not hype their products at all, AMD fans do however. As for XDR2, this was not confirmed, but a possibility. What is certain is that this next gen series will be close to twice as efficient; XDR2 is just icing on the cake that would further help framerates given right bus.
1 0 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 12/08/11 08:01:07 PM]
Speaking of Nvidia, they are also renaming old parts and are selling them as new, as they have done before; the GeForce 310 was a rebadged 210 lest we forget.
0 0 [Posted by: GavinT  | Date: 12/10/11 04:21:32 AM]

I still miss the XDR2 memories for high-end AMD 7000 series. Also 512bit memory interface as well.
And hope they remain solid not like when Nvidia steps in its next generation, AMD going to get panicked.
0 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 12/08/11 05:14:03 PM]

well,they say in 2011 dec mobile chips of 7000 gen
and in jan 2012 rest
nvidia say 4-5 month mobile end of 2012 year rest
so wtf u guys reading ????
0 1 [Posted by: skvx  | Date: 12/08/11 11:14:12 PM]

are those green rectangles supposed to be the memory chips? the eleven green rectangles?
0 0 [Posted by: markhahn  | Date: 12/09/11 12:32:29 PM]
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0 3 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 12/09/11 12:51:26 PM]

Nvidia are doing it with GT 600m's. All the GT 600m's are no more then rebadage GT 500m's.
1 0 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/09/11 08:17:24 PM]


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