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Nvidia Corp. has officially started advertising campaign of its next-generation Kepler graphics processing unit (GPU) that is due out in March or April. The company has posted a word on a Facebook wall claiming that performance of Kepler would be unbeatable.

"Waiting for Kepler. Patience, patience, patience... When the right time comes, there will be no chance to beat it," a statement posted by Nvidia Italy reads.

Both AMD and Nvidia start "unofficial" advertising campaigns well ahead of actual next-generation product releases by leaking alleged photos, benchmarks, parts of presentations and so on. Official advertising campaigns start much later in the cycle several weeks ahead of actual release or announcement. Nvidia's posting is a proof that Kepler is getting nearer its launch.

Nvidia has very high expectations for its Kepler generation of graphics processing units (GPUs). The company claims that it had signed contracts to supply mobile versions of GeForce “Kepler” chips with every single PC OEM in the world. In fact, Nvidia says Kepler is the best graphics processor ever designed by the company. Unfortunately for Nvidia, yields of chips made using 28nm process technology at TSMC, including Kepler, are lower than the company originally anticipated and therefore their costs are high and Nvidia's chief executive recently complained that the company cannot get enough wafers.

Kepler is Nvidia's next-generation graphics processor architecture that is projected to bring considerable performance improvements and will likely make the GPU more flexible in terms of programmability, which will speed up development of applications that take advantage of GPGPU (general purpose processing on GPU) technologies. Some of the technologies that Nvidia promised to introduce in Kepler and Maxwell (the architecture that will succeed Kepler) include virtual memory space (which will allow CPUs and GPUs to use the "unified" virtual memory), pre-emption, enhance the ability of GPU to autonomously process the data without the help of CPU and so on. Entry-level chips may not get all the features that Kepler architecture will have to often.

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Talk is cheap we want to see actual results.
16 3 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 03/01/12 09:02:06 PM]

I'm not an Nvidia fanbois but it "sounds" as though they have a really good architecture with Kepler. Their current issue is Fab'ing the chips as there are some engineering issues Nvidia apparently didn't get right. There will be three iterations of the Kepler chip design, I believe.
8 6 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 03/01/12 09:28:05 PM]
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I totally agree, nVidia will never say that stuff unless it has some chip to back this up

but sometimes some people exaggerate and may give us like 5% or less improvement over 7970 (who knows what 'unbeatable' means)

competition is good, if there was no nvidia (or no AMD) we wouldn't have seen those improvements, we wouldn't have been able to play metro 2033 at even 1 fps at 50*50 resolution

Good thing the GPU market is not like the CPU market, but we want it to stay like that, we don't want any company to have any more than 10% advantage (in market share) than the other

but as nVidia is more late AMD's HD 8000 would come out sooner, maybe at end 2012 or Q1 2013 which means that AMD would beat nVidia again
6 3 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/02/12 12:45:23 AM]
I really would like to believe in press releases.

The last time any of the CPU/GPU makers had a REALLY GOOD product was Conroe, and that time they released ES to prove that much before release.

Fermi, R600, Bulldozer and so on, much talk, much problems. It's hard to say they were bad architectures, but much worse than the competition. Both AMD products weren't killed by the failure, got "fixed" (at least this is what piledriver is suposed to do)
the last generation showed that AMD GPU's were much more efficient, can't have a direct comparison on performance because it was not direct competition.

The same way GK104 is not suposed to be the GTX580 replacement, but sort of 560/570. The falgship is supposed to be GK110, but for a mainstream card, see 375W possible in reference is quite strange, it's not even an overclocker card.

Anyway, the better the competition, the better for us, don't want to see the same GPU for 3 generations like G80
3 0 [Posted by: dumanfu  | Date: 03/02/12 04:36:07 PM]
Even if it is just 5% faster, it is done with the middle Kepler. The big Kepler will come later, and HD 8000 will have to deal with that.
In discrete graphics market, Nvidia has 63% share.
1 0 [Posted by: cosminmcm  | Date: 03/03/12 12:41:14 AM]

Where is the hardware? Show me the goods! It's time to nut up or shut up.

Honestly though, I can't wait for Kepler for come out so I can get better prices on a 7950
9 1 [Posted by: quasi_accurate  | Date: 03/01/12 10:47:24 PM]

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2 8 [Posted by: Anton Markov  | Date: 03/01/12 11:03:24 PM]


This is the same hype as from AMD when everyone was expecting bulldozer. Possibly with the same outcome (inferior product).

In order to prevent people from buying from the competitor.

If they had superior performance, they would show benchies.
8 2 [Posted by: visz963  | Date: 03/02/12 12:20:00 AM]
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even if kepler is better it is too late, the HD 8000 series is coming out soon

but I still don't think AMD would ever make nVidia bankcrupt

I wish both companies make better and more competitive products for the sake of competition
3 4 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/02/12 12:48:16 AM]
woow, and then gtx700 is coming too. so what?

envydio skyrocket prices to utter insanity with their previous craproducts. should we expect something better at reasonable prices now? This lack of competitiveness in both camps is not a good news at all.
3 3 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 03/02/12 03:15:48 AM]
nVidia is so late that when it comes out, waiting three or four months to at least know how HD 8000 seies will do would be better
2 4 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/02/12 07:59:05 AM]
Hahaha GTX 700 when? 2014?

They even struggle coming out the GTX 600. Do you know that HD 8000 is already on testing phase? Research the web man.
5 3 [Posted by: pogsnet  | Date: 03/02/12 10:15:58 AM]
Sea Islands is not out until 2013 at the earliest. Go look up AMD's last financial analyst presentation.

AMD hasn't even launched HD7800 series and you think HD8000 series is around the corner.

Funny, I didn't know GPU generations were now released every 6 months, not every 15-18 months.
1 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 01:14:38 PM]
Actually you should research the web.

The 7K series was intended to be the 6K on 32nm but TMSC could not deliver on the process.
So it was released now after they made it sure it can be fabbed on 28nm. No wonder it came out first.

With this in mind Nvidia's next gen architecture isn't really late considering the gap is less than 3 months if Kepler launches this month as rumored.

8K is far from testing phase, and AMD always show it as a 2013 product.
1 0 [Posted by: klikodesh  | Date: 03/03/12 09:06:38 AM]
Exactly. There is no way the real "sea islands" is launching in 2012. AMD has just started with HD7000 series and HD7000 series haven't even had their usual refresh. We are at least 12 months away from Sea Islands.

Sure AMD might launch a card branded HD8000 if they release a 30% faster clocked HD7970, but it sure won't be their next generation Sea Islands GPU.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:18:55 PM]
Quantitative easing and saving the riches means printing money, and printing money means inflation. So, forget about lower prices.
0 0 [Posted by: buxcador  | Date: 03/04/12 08:49:21 AM]
Lower prices are coming buxcador:

1) NV will have a new lineup which inevitably means more competition;
2) More competition inevitably means AMD releasing even faster cards
3) AMD releasing even faster cards means HD7950/7970 will have to fall in price.

And the cycle repeats.

AMD is already well underway with "Tenerife", a 20% faster version of HD7970:

HD7970 will eventually fall to $399 and then even lower. This always happens with all GPUs as technology gets faster.

Look at GTX480: 2 years later and it can be found for $250 from initial price of $499.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/04/12 11:09:12 AM]
madooo12 -- "The HD 8000 series is coming out soon"


AMD already stated no next generation GPU until 2013. It was even in their presentation earlier this year that Sea Islands is NOT due until 2013. So that means HD8000 is at least 11 months away. How is that soon?

They might launch a refresh to HD7970 with 20-30% higher clocks and call it an HD8000 series. But if you meant a real next generation HD8000 part, then no it won't be out for about a year. AMD hasn't even launched any HD7000 cards from $160-$399 and you are already discussing HD8000 series?

OmegaHuman - "This lack of competitiveness in both camps is not a good news at all."

Exactly. If Kepler is a fail, it's worse for the consumer. Who wants to pay $450-500 for HD7950 when it's barely faster than a 15 months old GTX580? Time to get those prices down. Only AMD fanboys want NV to fail. True videocard enthusiasts are always looking for the next greatest card to exceed what's currently available, regardless from what brand.

Also, right now there are no next generation GPUs worth buying from either company from $0-$399. So we really need some new cards and not just at the very high-end level. HD7750-7770 are a total joke just like GTX550Ti was. Not holding out hope for HD7850/7870 based on those. That's why we need NV to also show what it has so we have more choices.
3 4 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 06:47:42 AM]
the nVidia 600 series still isn't out and we still don't know when kepler would come out, nVidia hasn't even told us about a release date

and the HD 7800 series should be out on april or even this month (I don't remember) they were announced unlike the whole kepler series
1 3 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/02/12 08:02:41 AM]
The 7850 and 7870 are meant to be coming out this month, maybe even next week. There is also a 7890 due out but not until April apparently.
3 1 [Posted by: GavinT  | Date: 03/02/12 11:30:49 AM]
GK104 is rumored for March 23rd (or possibly early April).

As long as the performance is good, we might see price drops on HD7900 series or higher performance because NV's Kepler may be better (or maybe not). Not sure how anyone can not be excited for more competition and the possibility of a much faster GPU.

Kepler launches, most likely some of this has to happen:

1) Cheaper 7900 series = win.
2) Faster cards on the high-end from NV = win.
3) More competition = win.

Everyone wins, except fanboys who hate NV.
3 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 01:03:01 PM]
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0 3 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/03/12 12:34:13 AM]
you're such an amd nvidia fanboy...faster nvidia high end cards does not mean cheaper 7900 cards. Look at how they priced the gtx580. And with their yield problems you think they are going to sell it cheaper..Keep dreaming
1 2 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:03:09 AM]

Not sure if serious. I have 2 HD6950s in CF in my rig right now.....

"faster nvidia high end cards does not mean cheaper 7900 cards."

Depends. We might see Kepler's GK104 beat HD7950 at $399 OR we might see much faster card than HD7970. AMD didn't set the bar too high this time. Last time NV delivered GTX460 and GTX470. GTX470 overclocked to 480 speeds and cost less than HD5870, and offered more VRAM and much better Tessellation. More competition is good.

Chances are Kepler will either force HD7900 series to fall in price or offer a much faster high-end card, or both. Considering HD7950 barely beats a GTX580, the bar is set very low.
1 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:21:43 PM]
You forget abou the HD 7970 which is much faster than the GTX 580 the HD 7950 is like Nvidia's GTX 570 to their GTX 580 it's the next step down and if the AMD's second fastest single GPU card is still faster than Nvidia's fastest single GPU card not to mention the HD 7000 series also supports PCIE 3.0 and the HD 7950 is still atleast $50 cheaper than the older GTX 580 and faster why not go with the HD 7000 series after all it's already here we you don't have to wait for the disappointment from Nvidia and when AMD finds out that the Kepler is nothing but hype you will have to pay more for the HD 7000 series.
0 0 [Posted by: Kilobit  | Date: 03/09/12 04:42:36 PM]
It's not the same though. AMD was hyping up Bulldozer after failing to beat Intel with Phenom I and Phenom II.

On the contrary, NV held its own with 8800GTX, GTX280/285, GTX480/580. So the comparison makes no sense.

Actually, a stock HD7970 is only 25% faster than a GTX580. Only the most pessimistic person or a AMD fanboy would believe that Kepler's high-end chip will be only 25% faster than a GTX580.

Of course HD7970 has 30-40% overclocking headroom. So it's still an excellent GPU. But at stock speeds, Kepler should easily beat it. HD7950 is only 5% faster than GTX580 at 1080P. NV's GTX570 competitor should have no problems smashing that. Their biggest problem is not launching like AMD and being supply constrained. If they delayed by 1 Quarter but will have ample supply, then the strategy would have paid off. If they launch in Q2 and have limited # of units, then they didn't do a proper launch.
3 4 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 06:35:00 AM]
just so you know, a 7970 is not just 5% faster at 1080P than the gtx580..its a lot more. Second nvidia's delay is cause they have problems with the design. They blame TSMC for their problems yet they are the only ones with the problems...not amd arm etc
1 1 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:25:10 AM]
Huh? When did I say 7970 is 5% faster....?

My post above:

"Actually, a stock HD7970 is only 25% faster than a GTX580."

You must have confused HD7950 with HD7970 in my post. HD7950 is only 5% faster, which is what I stated in my last paragraph.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:24:27 PM]
25 percent is a huge margin in performance, if you are going to try to smash AMD you probably shouldn't mention the performance increase, and not to pour salt on an open wound but it's actually 30-35% faster than the GTX 580.
0 0 [Posted by: Kilobit  | Date: 03/09/12 04:49:46 PM]

It seems like Nvidia is going to clock the GK104 at 1GHz so that it beats the HD 7950. This is great! We will finally have some competition to bring the prices down.
2 2 [Posted by: rwwot  | Date: 03/02/12 12:57:13 AM]
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What about the HD 7970? The HD 7950 is AMD's second fatsest single GPU videocard, what about their fastest which is 30-35% faster than Nvidia's fastest single GPU videocard the GTX 580?
0 0 [Posted by: Kilobit  | Date: 03/09/12 04:54:18 PM]

Nvidia will not come to bankrupt. Too far for that, minimum of full 3-4 month's if Kepler make fail and 7-9 month's if win
2 2 [Posted by: Anton Markov  | Date: 03/02/12 01:04:54 AM]
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Not sure if serious....

NV made more $ last quarter than AMD made in all of 2011. NV commands a 63% market share in the discrete GPU market.

Considering last time AMD launched HD5800 series 6 months before Fermi, and NV still ended up with 59% market share, being late by 1 Quarter is not very meaningful, not when your product is always going out of stock implying less than stellar supply.

Keep in mind that GPUs that sell well are < $300 as > $300 GPUs comprise no more than 5% of all discrete GPUs. Right now AMD still has nothing in the < $300 worth buying from HD7000 series. So technically, the HD7000 series lead means squat in terms of profits or market share at the moment. HD7770 is insanely overpriced.

If you are going to criticize, at least bring some solid arguments to the table.
3 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 06:40:29 AM]
"NV commands a 63% market share in the discrete GPU market." whish is a diminishing market, in the near future, they will only be used by professionals and extreme gamers
1 2 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/02/12 08:06:45 AM]
So you are not a gamer? Why are you commenting on Kepler then? Go back to hyping up Crapdozer.
3 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 01:04:44 PM]
I'm a programmer and I like reading about hardware

believe it or not, knowing hardware could help a programmer plus I am starting programming games
0 2 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 03/03/12 12:36:26 AM]
you're a
2 0 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:33:45 AM]
That's because all of AMD's low end Radeon sales have gone into the APUs. Look at the massive increase in AMD's APU shipments last year. It make sense discrete shipments would go down. As APUs get more powerful, I'm betting discrete graphics shipments will go down even further.
1 2 [Posted by: quasi_accurate  | Date: 03/02/12 09:15:26 AM]
That alone cannot explain it. NV has been winning market share for the last 3 years. The only market APUs are taking away from are the < $70 GPU market. AMD has been selling HD6670, 6770, 6750, etc.

The erosion of just the < $70 low-end discrete GPU market cannot alone explain the massive loss from the days when AMD had 50% discrete GPU share. Also, NV has almost no competitive discrete GPUs for sale < $70 either. It's clear that NV is gaining share across various price brackets in discrete GPUs, and not just low end that AMD "gave up" as you put it.
3 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 01:06:37 PM]
Intel commands more market share in GPU trailed by AMD and lastly Nvidia.

APU is the latest now and soon almost all AMD CPU will have GPU on as Intel do.

You are talking only discrete which Nvidia's only product but if you talk as a whole GPU Nvidia is the last pie in the chart.
1 2 [Posted by: pogsnet  | Date: 03/02/12 10:27:35 AM]
I realize that overall NV's market share is shrinking since more and more people buy APUs (every time an Intel CPU is sold, that counts as a new GPU sold, give me a break!). But NV is doing better than AMD in the discrete GPU segment - the only segment people who buy gaming GPUs care about.

Gamers only care about discrete GPU segment. So if AMD's cards are so great, why do they only have 36% market share in the discrete space against NV's discrete GPUs?

According to some posters here, NV might go bankrupt soon....
1 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 01:09:57 PM]
because you're like those apple fanboy morons who are brainwashed to buy nvidia cards only.
1 1 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:38:56 AM]
I have 2 HD6950s in my system. I am Nvidia fanboy? I could care less what you think of me. I buy what's best at the time. Last generation 6950s offered amazing value and I grabbed 2 of those.

HD7900 is a dud for me at this point. I am waiting to see if NV brings something much faster or if AMD brings out a 2304 SP @ 1200mhz GPU and called it HD7980 or w/e.

I even provided a detailed reply for another poster on how to setup Bitcoin mining for his rig with AMD cards:

Don't label me an NV fanboy. I rip Nv or AMD if I think either of their cards are shit. I ripped 2900XT apart just like I thought GeForce FX5800 was pathetic. GTFO. Right now I think HD7950 being 5% faster than a GTX580 is pathetic. Flame away.
1 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:29:07 PM]
"NV made more $ last quarter than AMD made in all of 2011. NV commands a 63% market share in the discrete GPU market."

GPU's be used big parth in proffesional video card market, next for entertainment.You is rigth may be...for descrete...but share graphick leads of... Intel, yet.
2 1 [Posted by: Anton Markov  | Date: 03/02/12 10:34:22 AM]
how is the hd7700 insanely overpriced. It is meant to replace the 6770 yet it competes with the 6850 which is not the card its suppose to compete with. How much was the 5770 when it was first launched.
1 1 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:30:37 AM]
It takes a heavily overclocked HD7770 to match a stock HD6850 and it still falls flat on its face against an HD6870, all that for $159.

You might want to start reading unbiased reviews not HardOCP bud:

HD7770 Score:
55% out of 100%
Value 10 out of 30

Here is another one testing an Overclocked 7770:

"The reason being that although the Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 OC was on average 4% faster than a standard HD 7770 it was still 4% slower than the HD 6850 and even worse 9% slower than the GTX 560. This is bad news for the Radeon HD 7770 as the HD 6850 starts at just $140, while most custom built factory overclocked cards are priced at $159."

Every respectful professional website thinks HD7770 is overpriced, except Hard OCP.

HD7770 is barely better than HD4890. Problem is you could buy an HD4890 for $175 on Newegg 2.5 years ago!

Also if you feel HD7770 is an HD5770 replacement, then 25% faster than HD5770 isn't setting the world on fire 2.5 years later. Either way you look at it, it should have been priced at $129 or below as initially rumored:
2 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:38:03 PM]

I remember how great it was going to be ATI 2900XT and how much of a letdown it was.
Who really believes the marketing department?

And no, talk it is not cheap. It is not even free. On the contrary, it makes money when it slows down your competitor's sales.
3 2 [Posted by: john_gre  | Date: 03/02/12 01:05:11 AM]

The HD 7950 at 1GHz will probably beat the GK 104 at 1GHz though. However, the GTX 680 will destroy any single gpu AMD currently is offering...If you want the best single gpu of 2012, you need both patience and a decent power supply.
2 1 [Posted by: rwwot  | Date: 03/02/12 01:06:56 AM]
- collapse thread

Keep on reading

GK104 isnt supposed to be high end product. And original GK100 proved to be only concept that was canceled in favor of second tryout GK110. And its very doubtful that GK104 can beat GTX570 and much less HD7950 series. The real question is what kind of DX support will GKs feature, and how much improvement will saw in raw throughput which has been stagnating ever since G80 introduction, five years ago.
1 3 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 03/02/12 03:22:07 AM]
what a moronic statement...If you want the best single gpu of 2012 you get the 7970 not need patience ....Its already out...get it....oh hoping for Kepler fanboy...that card will be about a 50% premium for a 10% gain (maybe) above a 7970
1 2 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:43:56 AM]
So you think HD7970 will be the fastest single GPU in all of 2012? As in there will be no GTX685, no HD7980 style refreshes, nothing?

You also think NV won't be able to beat HD7970? Just like 8800GTX > 2900XT, GTX280 > 4870, GTX285 > HD4890, GTX480 > 5870, GTX580 > 6970? Or that never happened?

At least then AMD had unbeatable price/performance. Now 7970 is $550 and is only 25% faster than the 580 (a last generation high-end part). LMAO. Kepler will dwarf that with its high-end single GPU version.

If you think the High-end Kepler (GTX680/685/690 or w/e it's called) will be less than 50% faster than GTX580, you are dreaming.

Sounds like you are the fanboy here.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:51:14 PM]
sounds like your the Nvidia fanboy and no Nvidia will not make a single GPU card 50% faster than than their previous generation you are definetly dreaming and or mentally retarded or 12 years of age.Nvidia has never had a performance gain of more than 20% since they started in 1993!!! Nvidia is still having issues trying to shrink their die to 28nm and fit their shader clock on it as well this where AMD has the upper hand not only are they ahead of Nvidia on the die shrink AMD does not have a shader clock therefore they have plenty of room for more stream processing units and AMD's HD 8000 series will feature XDR2 memory which is twice as fast as DDR5 which will not be available to Nvidia. SORRY NV Fanboys!!! The only thing Nvidias are better at are folding and graphic design, when it comes to gaming it's AMD!
0 1 [Posted by: Kilobit  | Date: 03/09/12 05:06:51 PM]

Just Prove nVidia.........
5 1 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 03/02/12 01:28:45 AM]

Promises promises promises so fools can rejoice.

Still we didnt saw nor even a card with wooden screws so it might meant that actual product will be soon on the market or they just didnt have time to produce silly mockups this time.

C'mon envydio we're waiting too long. Hopefully not for YACC line of products like Ferminator

This line doesn't sound promising. Aren't we heard it already on Ferminator launchup :headshake:

"Unfortunately for Nvidia, yields of chips made using 28nm process technology at TSMC, including Kepler, are lower than the company originally anticipated and therefore their costs are high and Nvidia's chief executive recently complained that the company cannot get enough wafers."
3 2 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 03/02/12 03:11:54 AM]
- collapse thread

their design sucks....they are the only ones complaining about tsmc...not amd, arm partner...they dont have problems...gee i wonder why
0 2 [Posted by: madseven  | Date: 03/03/12 04:46:31 AM]
beenthere and now you? Holly shit, AMD must be making $. Their viral marketing campaign is stronger than ever.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:54:02 PM]

Kepler = 300W ?
5 2 [Posted by: T9000  | Date: 03/02/12 05:11:05 AM]

I wonder if they had a single chip working so they can test it and show some benchmarks.It's odd that AMD has good enough yields at the same TSMC factory, or maybe Nvidia is further improving their product to something that actually can beat HD7000 series.
6 0 [Posted by: mosu  | Date: 03/02/12 05:48:51 AM]

Nvidia is moving heaven and earth to slow down AMD graphic sales.
7 1 [Posted by: xybit  | Date: 03/02/12 06:24:04 AM]

Nvidia is actually increasing market share of discrete cards at 63.5%.
Kepler will be great! relax.
3 5 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 03/02/12 08:54:26 AM]
- collapse thread

Exactly. But according to some posters here, discrete GPU market share doesn't matter since AMD is voluntarily giving up market share in the discrete space to focus on APUs.....

Kepler needs to be great. It's late by 2-3 months vs. HD7000 series. More importantly we need more competition because HD7950 @ $450 that's barely faster than a GTX580 is not really moving the market forward.
2 4 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 03:22:18 PM]

Can some game developers out there please make a true next gen game that at least uses 50% of either AMD's or Nvidia's next gen cards,Thanks!
The way it is going folks, Not only do I want more competition I also want the friggin' next gen consoles out ASAP so I can at least put up with crappy DX 11 console ports!
5 0 [Posted by: ozegamer  | Date: 03/02/12 06:54:00 PM]
- collapse thread

The most demanding game of 2012 (Metro 2034 has been delayed until 2013) just might be Microsoft Flight:

or Total War: Shogun 2.

So far Alan Wake runs maxed out on a single HD6970, Syndicate is a crazy console port with shitty graphics and unrealistic levels of bloom,

I am pretty sure all of these games will be maxed out at 1080P and even some of them at 2560x1600 by a single GTX570/6950:

Mass Effect 3
Prototype 2
Max Payne 3
Bioshock Infinite
Borderlands 2
Far Cry 3
Dota 2
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
Diablo 3
Prey 2

Maybe Tomb Raider will be demanding...doubtful.

2012 is shaping up to be a PC year without a GPU killer game such as Crysis or Battlefield 3. You can always just skip this generation and buy more beers and upgrade when you actually need to!
8 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/02/12 08:29:03 PM]

Am hearing this is NVidias high end for the next 3/4 months.

NVidia has lost all the console contracts, is losing with Tegra-3 against ARM, TI, QUALCOMM, Apple, Samsung etc. If they lose the high end GPU also, they are going to be in trouble big time. The only hope I see is the HPC/Super computers that need GPU work professionally, but I heard AMD wants a piece with their GCN cards…. nooooooooooo
4 1 [Posted by: keysplayer  | Date: 03/02/12 10:57:56 PM]
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"The only hope I see..."

I am either loving the sarcasm in this post or you must be kidding, right?

NV made $580 million last year and AMD made a big whopping - (losing $).

* NV has locked in more mobile contracts with Kepler than it did with Fermi. Also, getting back into Apple products is HUGE for mind share and brand recognition.

* Despite AMD launching cheap HD5800 series 6 months earlier, Fermi came back and ended up with 63% discrete GPU market share (up to this point). Which means the current 1 Q head-start by HD7000 series might not mean much in the end.

* We haven't even seen Kepler and people are already claiming doom and gloom for NV?

That's funny. I guess last generation cards such as GTX460/550Ti/560/560Ti/570 didn't sell well, at all...Steam Survey must be lying....

Come on now. Can't count NV out. Remember G80? Came out of nowhere and made HD2900 and HD3800 series both a pile of poop. It took AMD $299 HD4870 to save face so to speak.
2 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 04:59:06 PM]

AMD fanbois write like they're 12. They think because AMD has a good card right now its the end for Nvidia. Nvidia makes MORE profit than all of AMD, owns the high end pro ,and super computer market and almost 64% of ALL discrete cards. They have Apple, tegra 4 coming and will be a tough competitor in the smartphone and tablet space where AMD has nothing. They also have billions in cash and no debt for R and D, and driver teams which is why 85% of pro graphics is on nvidia.
3 1 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 03/03/12 08:26:08 PM]
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"They think because AMD has a good card right now its the end for Nvidia."

It's funny they think AMD has a magical HD8000 that can be ready in just 3 months. If AMD can respond so quickly, how come they got dusted in every single generation since 8800GTX? They claimed Fermi was unmanufacturable and yet GTX580 beat HD6970 to market. Oops.

Their argument that NV is finished holds no water though. AMD already had the high-end market all to themselves for 6 freaken months last time with HD5800 series. They also launched in what historically is the strongest quarter for GPU sales - Q4, easily in time to capitalize on Xmas holidays too! Plus, they were practically giving high-end cards for half price with HD5850 for $260 and HD5870 for $370.

So AMD had:

1) Fastest single GPUs on the market for 6 months, hand downs;
2) Were selling them in the quarter where most people upgrade;
3) Were selling them for the lowest possible prices for high end cards ($370 for HD5870 vs. $550 for HD7970 today);

and In the end, none of that mattered.

NV owned them in earnings, performance and discrete market share 2 years later. Right now HD5870 finds itself in reckless abandon, chocking in modern DX11 games with tessellation and running out of VRAM in BF3 while GTX480 keeps on trucking. So in the end, Fermi still proved to be a far superior architecture than Cypress -- a point further validated by them ditching VLIW-4/5 for GCN - i.e., following NV who actually pioneered GPGPU space starting with 8800GTX.

AMD is great at letting NV take all the risks when it came to convincing professionals, people in finance, science and other fields that GPGPU compute was the future. AMD sat on the sidelines for 5 years while NV spent millions of dollars making sure the entire world progresses towards GPGPU and actually benefits from it. Then AMD decided to ditch their VLIW architecture and finally follow towards GPGPU because they knew if they didn't, they'd be toast in a new market that was changed entirely because of all the work NV has done since G80.

Funny how Tessellation and Compute were not important for 2 years and now when HD7900 beats GTX500 series in both, it's teh most revolutionary architecture ever!...fanboism at its finest.
2 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/03/12 10:39:46 PM]
Hardware tessellatio iz actually supported bi Amd cards for at list five years naw! When Nv throws the many something becomes commercial! Actually Ati had more innovations bat most of them newer were commercialized... Nv will again bi faster and again bi brute force not per wat. If a main stream card uses 250 - 300 w then a high end on will consume about 400 w
0 0 [Posted by: Zola  | Date: 03/04/12 03:31:59 PM]
Before you kepp bashing AMD, AMD help start Nvidia in 1993 with Dell computers if there was no AMD there would probably be no Nvidia either and tegra and tesla were both purchased from AMD to keep AMD afloat, and Nvidia's Physx was purchased from AGEIA which ran better on ATI cards if you remember. I'm not really bashing Nvidia, they make great products,but when it comes to gaming AMD has the upper hand.
0 0 [Posted by: Kilobit  | Date: 03/09/12 05:15:55 PM]

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0 3 [Posted by: a123b1  | Date: 03/03/12 09:34:09 PM]

who cares how much money these companies are making.
think about your own pocket! Obviously if your buying one of these cards your not! (lol)

A GTX 580 3072 meg costs pretty much the same as a Radeon 7970.
New Egg! Therefore they are percieved the same value by marketers and in the end customers. (I looked a benchmarks too and i dont think its a huge difference either)

The difference is negotiable. I dont consider it a win if you win by 2 points in Basketball. You have to make the competition wonder why they even showed up!You wouldnt even notice which team is which if they switched jerseys...

The only thing that makes me wonder is... the 680 rumors were supposed to be 2 gigs of V-ram only!?

0 1 [Posted by: campdude  | Date: 03/04/12 09:19:34 PM]
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Well HD7970 is about 20% faster at stock and it has an MSRP of $549. You can find most GTX580s for $450 or below (or about 20% less). It's no wonder that NV hasn't lowered priced yet like you said.

Of course there are some versions of the HD7970 such as the Asus Direct CUII or XFX Double Dissipation that let you overclock to 1200mhz, easily beating the 580, but that's $600. Again NV has no incentive to lower prices since $450 vs. $600 isn't really competition to each other.

The other thing is NV probably doesn't care that sales of the 580 have fallen off in terms of volume since GK104 is going to replace it shortly. That means whatever remaining versions of the 580 they have left, they can take their time and clear them out at $450 for the next 2 months. But really the 580 is awful value when you can get the 7950 for $450 (which in itself is pretty much awful since its 15 months for 5% more performance...)

Anyway, GTX680 is rumored to be a 2GB Performance GK104 part, not the highest end Kepler. No one knows for sure right now.

1 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 03/04/12 09:47:43 PM]

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