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Advanced Micro Devices is not going to refresh its product lineup with brand new offerings this year, but it does not mean that the company has nothing new to offer. On Monday the company rolled-out a new driver that boosts performance in latest games by 15% and also unveiled “Never Settled” plan to bundle up to three new AAA-class video games for free with its Radeon HD 7700, 7800 and 7900 graphics cards.

AMD Catalyst version 12.11 “Never Settle” driver is among the most important drivers AMD has ever delivered to gamers as it boosts performance of DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 titles by up to 15% without losing rock-solid stability, which makes Radeon HD 7700-, 7800- and 7900-series graphics cards more competitive against Nvidia Corp.’s latest GeForce solutions that belong to Kepler family.  

In addition, to offer better deals to those, who have not yet bought a new Radeon HD 7000-series graphics card, or plans to get another one to build a CrossFireX multi-GPU system, AMD intends to include Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and 20% discount code for Medal of Honor: Warfighter into select bundles. Starting today, the “Never Settle” Bundle is available from select e-tailers and are not dependent on particular graphics cards, e.g., end-users can acquire graphics boards from different manufacturers.

“The ‘Never Settle’ bundle is the ultimate PC gaming package for AMD Radeon customers. Combining the hottest game titles with the power of select AMD Radeon HD 7000 aeries graphics cards provides our customers with the complete PC gaming experience this holiday season,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD graphics business unit.

The AMD Radeon HD 7700-, 7800- and 7900-series graphics cards support all the advantages that the graphics core next (GCN) architecture has to offer, including support for DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2, PCI Express 3.0, AMD Eyefinity 2.0, ultra high-definition output support using DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4a, optimized power consumption, integrated 7.1 audio controller, stereo-3D/Blu-ray 3D support, and other new technologies.

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Oh Snap! Its going down. Nvidia just got choked on all price levels besides GTX 690. Hope Nvidia isn't too above dropping their price
6 0 [Posted by: A Fly in the Sky  | Date: 10/23/12 10:10:55 AM]

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1 6 [Posted by: JanGozi  | Date: 10/23/12 10:33:52 AM]

This is pretty awesome, but I bought my Radeon 7870 last week and get burned for the game handout. #Boo. #FirstWorldProblems.
2 0 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 10/23/12 10:47:57 AM]
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Sorry to hear that. I have ordered a 7950 card nearly 2 weeks ago. It was back-ordered and still has not shipped yet. Today I called the store about this new free game promotion. And they are OK to add the promotion to my order.
2 1 [Posted by: gjcjan  | Date: 10/23/12 11:34:06 AM]

Too much power? they don't get anywhere near the tdp most of the time and use 3W at idle.
6 1 [Posted by: pondermotive  | Date: 10/23/12 12:11:51 PM]

AMD continues to offer the best performance per dollar and that is what 90% of consumers desire.

Good job AMD on new GPUs, APUs and CPUs all in 2012.

It's good news for consumers and bad news for the haters, once again.

Ya just gotta love it!
6 5 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 10/23/12 07:25:19 PM]
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Yup. Each Radeon card is faster than their respective competitors, offer full voltage control, higher overclocking headroom and 3 free games!

HD7770 > GTX650
HD7850 > GTX650Ti
HD7870 > GTX660
HD7950 > GTX660Ti
HD7970 > GTX670
HD7970 GE > GTX680

Add in overclocking, and NV's line-up is really overpriced at the moment as an overclocked HD7950 keeps up with a GTX680 easily. NV has officially lost this generation for single-GPU performance crown as 680 trails HD7970GE in almost all GPU demanding games from Crysis 1-2, BF3/MOH:W, Metro 2033, Witcher 2, Arma II, Sleeping Dogs, Sniper Elite V2, Alan Wake, Dirt Showdown, etc. AMD's aggressive moves in the GPU space means more pressure on NV to cut prices, improve its own drivers and/or offer more game bundles. Win-win for gamers as competition heats up for the holiday season!
3 5 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 10/24/12 06:15:34 PM]


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