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Asustek Computer, Nvidia Corp. PNY and some other companies have started to sell Tesla K20 GPGPU accelerators based on code-named GK110 processor featuring enhanced Kepler architecture optimized for computing with double precision. The cards cost from around $3200 in the U.S. to over $4000 in Europe.

Nvidia Tesla K20 features 2496 stream processors, 5GB of GDDR5 memory (connected using 320-bit bus) and provides 3.52TFLOPS of single-precision and 1.17TFLOPS of double-precision peak performance. The new cards are available from Asus, Nvidia and other resellers for around $3200 in the U.S. as well as from PNY and its partners for €3200 - €3800 ($4150 - $4925) in the European Union. Popular store promises to ship Tesla K20 on December 12, 2012; Germany-based BA-Computer store can ship appropriate cards in three to four days.

Thanks to increased double precision floating point performance, Nvidia Tesla K20-series accelerators are suitable for seismic processing, CFD, CAE, financial computing, computational chemistry and physics, data analytics, satellite imaging and weather modeling.

Tesla K20 and K20X cards are also available for order from leading server manufacturers, including Appro, Asustek Computer, Cray, Eurotech, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Quanta Computer, SGI, Supermicro, T-Platforms and Tyan, as well as from Nvidia reseller partners.

Tesla K20X and K20 GPU accelerators have already been delivered to various supercomputer clients around the world.

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5 10 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 11/29/12 02:51:05 AM]

who in their right mind would buy this old tech junk Tesla K20X and K20 GPU when you can buy the Intel and AMD ones for cheaper and better performance for less hassle in coding.

I don`t see many customers buying this apart from the few sales already made to titan and amazon and maybe anther few, but thats it.

This is nvidia being desperate trying to sell niche market Tesla cards to a wider market LOL
4 2 [Posted by: keysplayer  | Date: 11/29/12 01:46:13 PM]
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Are you high? nvidia pro gpgpu division ALONE makes more profit than ALL of AMD.
0 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 12/02/12 10:07:46 AM]

I never had any problems with Nvidia graphics cards I had so far, thinking on getting a new one for my new pc. Liking this Tesla Accelerators. Just read a review on the Nvida website though at, wasn't all that positive.
0 0 [Posted by: Rowandro  | Date: 11/30/12 02:47:18 AM]


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