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Advanced Micro Devices has already announced that it would refresh its graphics product line in the first half of the year, but it looks like the company will only do so in the second quarter of the year, according to a public statement. While the move is pretty logical, keeping in mind that the firm has just launched a new free games bundle campaign, it also means that AMD will not be able to respond to imminent Nvidia Corp.’s GeForce GTX Titan product launch.

“The [AMD Radeon] HD 7000 series will remain our primary focus for quite some time,” a spokesman for AMD said using official AMD Graphics Twitter account.

Earlier this year AMD promised to launch a “strong new APUs and graphics offerings in the first half of 2013”, which is supposed to “accelerate AMD business”. Moreover, the company actually started to roll-out new-generation of graphics processing units for notebooks, dubbed AMD Radeon HD 8000M. That said, it is logical to expect the company to continue introducing new chips from the family gradually in the first half of the year.

This week AMD launched its new Never Settle Reloaded campaign under which gamers who buy select AMD Radeon HD 7800- and Radeon HD 7900-series graphics cards will get from two to six new game titles, including BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, DmC Devil May Cry, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider. Since the campaign only includes current-generation products, it is unlikely that AMD will release new-generation products this quarter. But keeping in mind AMD’s promises, it is logical to expect the firm to unleash its highly-anticipated Radeon HD 8000-series code-named Sea Islands.

While for mainstream and performance-demanding gamers the campaign currently run by AMD represents a good time to get a new graphics card at a competitive price and get AAA games for free, all eyes of enthusiasts and tech-savvy customers will be at Nvidia’s forthcoming GeForce GTX Titan. The latter is product that has all the chances outperform even the dual-chip AMD Radeon HD 7990, in case the information about its performance is correct.

Nothing particular is known about AMD’s next-generation product line. The general consensus states that the second generation of AMD’s 28nm graphics chips will barely bring considerable performance boost. However, AMD managed to surprise the public in the past.

The Southern Islands family of desktop GPUs consists of five graphics solutions: Oland, Bonaire, Hainan, Curacao and Aruba. At present, exact positioning of each solution is unclear, but they are written in ascending order (e.g., Oland is entry-level chip, Curacao is highest-performing chip, Aruba is dual-chip flagship solution) based on information that has been published in Wikipedia. The Solar System family of mobile GPUs for mobile computers will naturally feature only four code-names: Mars, Sun, Neptune and Venus. Official positioning of the chips remains a mystery.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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Obviously the point of his tweet is not unlike the last sentence of this article: AMD does not comment on unannounced stuff. Essentially, 'Buy stuff now, don't wait so they have product left on the shelf when more desirable things launch and/or things are cheaper.' Fairly certain that's his job.

Also, there is some word trickery in what he said to Legit Reviews, which basically is 'we haven't said anything about the 8000 series being new (retail) parts'. That's all fine and good; the 8000 oem and mobile parts are mostly re-brands and Mars (the 384sp part that mates with Trinity) is supposedly of 7000-series lineage.

One really can't deny this slide though...or at's pretty hard:

Could they ALL be rebrands other than Mars? I suppose, but products are coming that aren't 7000. Heck, FAWK products might be coming that aren't 8000. 8000 might be the new Geforce 300. Remember those? Me neither.
0 0 [Posted by: turtle  | Date: 02/08/13 08:16:11 AM]
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I can't see how AMD can improve performance by more than 20-25% with HD8970 if they were to launch it in Q1-Q2 2013. It wasn't going to be a big deal anyway. HD7970 OC is easily 70-80% faster than an HD6970. That was a great upgrade. I have no problems waiting for 20nm parts considering there are no next generation PC games on the horizon in 2013 as far as I can see. (I played Crysis 3 beta and I don't consider that a next gen PC game worth of an upgrade yet).
1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/08/13 12:43:01 PM]
They might add some nice new features to the 8000 series. Its usually not a good idea to upgrade with each new generation of cards. Heck that means you'd upgrade every year. Thats not even normal.
Even if I had a 6970 I would have waited till the 8970. Its just one its within months. But I'm old and time passes by so quickly.
2 1 [Posted by: campdude  | Date: 02/08/13 01:35:21 PM]
I run BTC mining so upgrading costs nothing for me. Going from 6900 to 7900's series overclocking and 2048 SPs meant 70-75% faster mining performance, and gaming increase was similar too. I agree with you though that most people don't upgrade every generation.
1 3 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/08/13 09:55:53 PM]
The fact that there wasn't going to be a huge improvement in the HD8970 might also be why they postponed it till later this year. So they can refine the product to run faster.
3 1 [Posted by: 78412  | Date: 02/08/13 05:04:33 PM]
There are some other plausible explanations, including AMD is going to be busy working on Xbox 720/PS4 GPUs and making sure everything goes smoothly. Also, AMD is delivering superior price/performance and has top single GPU performance on the desktop. It would cost them less to bundle games with HD7000 cards to entice consumers than launch a brand new series. I also presume they are busy working on re-writing the memory management of GCN. That's probably a more important priority as they have been working on that for a while now. It would make sense to launch HD8000 after that is done too to make it seem better than it is using older drivers.
4 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/09/13 11:57:46 AM]
I actually agree with what they're doing here.

As things are now, the 7970 is demonstrably faster than the 680, and things will only get better after they finish that memory management re-write.

Back then we all thought Nvidia must have been doing something incredible to beat AMD's 384-bit card with their 256-bit part, but as it turns out AMD's drivers were just amazingly bad.

If AMD had their present drivers available during the 680 launch, Nvidia would never have gotten away with their pricing. $500 for a GPU based on their mid-size chip is ridiculous.
2 2 [Posted by: jihadjoe  | Date: 02/10/13 11:10:35 AM]
Wait until Titan releases. 550mm2 for rumored $899 price, supposedly 55% faster than HD7970GE. You can get 1Ghz 7970s for as low as $380 with Crysis 3 and Bioshock game bundle:

NV is about to ask people pay 2.4x more for 55% more performance over the 1Ghz HD7970. We never heard the end of it from NV fanboys when AMD raised the price of HD7970 to $550 and now NV is going to $900 and they are all quiet, ready to give NV their money! Hypocrites.
2 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/10/13 03:00:34 PM]
The $900+ price is still a rumor, and unlike the HD7970 everyone expects the Titans price to be insanely high, no one really expected the HD 7970 to be $550. But you are right as long as it is Nvidia they wont complain.
2 0 [Posted by: 78412  | Date: 02/10/13 03:31:05 PM]
AMD just went back to historical ATI/NV's pricing levels. ATI and NV for years used to price their cards in the $499-599 mark. It's amazing that we got 3 generations of very cheap cards from AMD. Long-term it didn't seem like it was sustainable though since 28nm wafer prices at TSMC increased substantially. Mind you despite people complaining about HD7970's price, more than a year later, it's still the fastest single GPU with overclocking. Also, the same complainers later had no problems paying $500+ for mid-range GK104.
0 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/10/13 11:32:13 PM]
is this GCN rewrite going to affect 7900 Catalyst Drivers too, or is it only going to be implemented in the firmware for the 8970 refresh? Because that would be an amazing improvement for 7900 series down the road.
1 0 [Posted by: qubit  | Date: 02/11/13 11:51:34 PM]
It's going to affect all HD7000 cards since it targets Graphics Core Next architecture. AMD hasn't said if the performance will improve in games in terms of FPS, but the goal is for DX10/11 games will exhibit less stutter on GCN cards, which means the games would run smoother at lower FPS level.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/12/13 02:27:22 PM]

GCN is VERY powerful and versatile architecture, comparable (for example) with AMD generation 4xxx, or nvidia 8xxx (later kept live and well for good few years)

twice already we witnessed substantial improvements in it (GHz edition and driver refinements), and proving that is very well designed. it is fully capable, in my opinion at least, to last another good year or so (with occasional improvements, or 'rebrands'), before GCN2 arrives

many people ignores that fact and goes just 'kepler-this-kepler-that' - though GCN is evolutive architecture build to be corner stone of AMD GPU in at least one and (as GCN2) few more years

Titan - well, most people couldn't care less about anything costing ove 1000$ (if rumors are correct), so NVIDIA will retain crown of "fastest single card", which is more a marketing thing than something of real importance - at least until prices drop to actually affordable level

Tesla and Kepler are, on the other side, significantly more different than each other, and somehow i don't see kepler2 cards replacing existing lineup as easily as they did with 8xxx and 9xxx.

on the other end, low market with APUS including 7xxx have capability of taking some portion of low-end market, provided that FINALLY a better performing CPU counterpart is produced.

i don't see anything wrong with this approach - 5xxx and 6xxx generation were rebrands-with-improvement of 4xxx, and they served well.

of course competition may trash this concept, but Titan is not indicating that

if this 'gamble' success (and it's a good bet), 'normal' customers (<300$, preferably <200$), will not feel any differences this, and perhaps a part of following year, when GNC2 arrives
4 1 [Posted by: snakefist  | Date: 02/09/13 04:02:29 AM]

AMD didn't hold the perf crown nor bother to fight for it when they launched the HD 4xxx series, that series decimated Nvidia because it offered the right performance for the right price.

while flagships are nifty to see I don't believe Nvidia will be pushing Titans out the door for sub $500 and if not then it's more paper than product.

interesting to read about but not a compelling buy option.

p.s. I do believe GCN has more room to improve in it not so much as AMD'd like but more than I'd expect.
4 1 [Posted by: clone  | Date: 02/09/13 09:14:34 AM]
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GCN compute advantages and memory bandwidth are slowly showing up in more recent/GPU demanding titles.

New driver that re-writes the memory management of GCN cards and more games that use compute features that work faster on GCN (Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite) and AMD's already superior price/performance, overclocking and Never Settle Reloaded game bundles mean that their HD7000 cards are positioned well enough against GTX600 series. I don't think Titan will matter in the grand scheme of things outside the most hardcore PC enthusiasts since less than 1% of GPU buyers care about $900+ videocards.
3 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/09/13 12:02:51 PM]
AMD did hold the performance crown for awhile and does now with the Ghz7970. Also many engineers from across the computer industry including Nvidia workers have stated that the GCN architecture is superior to Nvidia's GPU's. Though as with all new GPU architecture there are some bugs (with AMD and Nvidia), that is one reason some think that both company's are stalling the launch, so they can improve on this Gen and save some money (that and its getting more expensive to manufacture the new cards).
2 1 [Posted by: 78412  | Date: 02/10/13 08:19:32 AM]
The Titan should smoke the 7970GE by 50% though. I don't think AMD even planned a response to that card with a single GPU 28nm product. GCN may be superior overall but Kepler seems to have hit a jackpot in terms of performance/watt. Titan at 2688 shaders and possibly 1Ghz clocks would be insane!
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/12/13 02:28:45 PM]

"decimated Nvida" lol. Do you guys read financial reports? The 680 out sold the 7970 by 4 to one.
3 4 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 02/10/13 03:09:07 AM]
- collapse thread

the post above was about 4xxx series. that series did decimate nvidia counterparts, at least sold well better than typical amd:nvidia ratio

reading thread before posting 'lol' as a comment would benefit your credibility

4xxx DID decimate awful nvidia 2xx series and the remnants of 8xxx and 9xxx rebrands
3 1 [Posted by: snakefist  | Date: 02/10/13 03:54:11 AM]
Mainly AMD fans can blame how management of the 7000 series sucked this passed year. With AMD coming out with new versions of their cards but not getting rid of the older ones, and how you basically have two of every cards from the 7750-7970, with no clear distinction between them except for the Ghz7970.
1 3 [Posted by: 78412  | Date: 02/10/13 08:59:01 AM]
No different than countless versions of after-market NV GTX600 cards, many with very different GPU clocks. I think they marketed the cards poorly. Should have called HD7950 V2 as 7960 and HD7970 GE as HD7980.

Also what are "AMD fans"? You mean people who buy based on enthusiast features, unlocked overclocking, dual BIOS switches for easy flashing and strong focus price/performance? I guess those are "AMD fans"?
3 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/10/13 02:26:51 PM]
I guess that would describe "AMD fans" very well.
2 1 [Posted by: 78412  | Date: 02/10/13 03:47:17 PM]
Yup, except that's universal for smart PC buyers I'd say. Like buying i7 920/i5 2500K/i5 3570K and overclocking them instead of paying hundreds of dollars more for highe-end parts for minimal gain. Or buying 3930K and overclocking it instead of 3960-3970X and saving $500. Or buying GTX460-470 and overclocking them to get a ton of free performance.

"AMD fans" switch sides to the products that offer the best combination of features, price/performance and overclocking. "NV fans" just keep buying NV, generation after generation no matter what. They even managed to purchase complete turds like FX5000 and GeForce 7. Those were the worst GPUs ever made by NV and yet they still bought them.
2 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/10/13 11:40:07 PM]

I would suggest that the focus for AMD will be on the Playstation and Xbox launches this year. Releasing the 8000 series would "compete" with the consoles in a negative marketing sense.
2 0 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 02/11/13 05:10:48 AM]


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